Friday, May 18, 2018

Peony Beauty

Our neighbor Cheryle grows stunning peonies.  She shared this beauty with me a few days ago.  I placed it in an antique etched glass compote.  Clint and I have really enjoyed seeing it on our coffee table. A special gift.

Thank you, Cheryle!  You have a gift of growing beauties such as this peony. 


Monday, December 12, 2016

Teeny Faces

Recently I discovered I had collected little figures and had not even realized it.  These little friends were discovered in a corner of  my leaded-glass-front cabinet.  Yes, some of them are little Christmas figures.  

Yesterday I was arranging them a bit for making a photograph.  Got a little practice in regarding metering and trying to hold the camera very still.  I was lazy and did not use a tripod.  (We all think we are all masters at holding the camera very very still.  :-)

While I was placing them in different angles, I found myself thinking of Laura in "The Glass Menagerie", Tennessee Williams's famous play.  I remember seeing the movie as a child, I would love to see it now at my "advanced age", it would have so much more meaning for me.

There are no unicorns in this bunch so there will be no breaking off of any horns.

The most important reason I am doing a post is I have been away from my blog since July.  A shame, I know.  I am here to tell you, it took me hours to "recover" this blog.  It was very difficult to get back to my dashboard.  I was also surprised with a different format.  I think I will stick with it and start blogging more.  Just me rambling on about this and that and really just for me.

Thanks to anyone reading this!


Monday, July 4, 2016

Guitar Lessons

At least I am now able to practice one of my all time
favorite songs.  Please Come to Boston.

A year ago, actually it was July the 5th, Clint and I went shopping for a tripod for my camera. After we left Best Buy, we stopped by Guitar Center on Kingston Pike, Knoxville, Tennessee.  Clint has played guitar since his college days, self taught I might add.  I always enjoy going in to the Guitar Center and admiring all the guitars.  I jokingly remarked to Clint, if I ever played guitar, I would want "that guitar right there", pointing to a beautiful black lacquered electric guitar.  Of course I was kidding, or so I thought.

Later that day I remarked I had seen some good looking (to me) used guitars and blurted out someday I might like to learn to play the guitar.  Clint said I did not need to purchase a guitar, I would just learn on his Ovation.  I did start my lessons from Clint and have learned a lot.  Practice, practice and more practice are in order.  I admit I have taken a three month break from practicing but plan to get back to it.  I had not realized when I started this post that tomorrow is the anniversary of beginning this wonderful journey.  This afternoon I plan on practicing chords.  Whew!  That darn C chord was something else!

A long way from making a YouTube, I am still amazed that I have come this far.  Thank you Clint for your patience and helping me so much.

(It has been months since I have posting anything on my blog,  I am hoping this publishes without any problems.  I need to get back to my blog.  Thanks to anyone reading  this far.)


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Playing on a Rainy Day

It drizzed rain all day yesterday.  I spent some time practicing with my camera and playing food stylist wannbe.  Oh, and just had to show off my recent church sale rummage treasure of these beautiful three pear candles.  It was almost painful to light them, they won't keep that pear shape forever.


Monday, November 2, 2015

Simple Sunday Scene

Yesterday at church we had an "All Saints' Service".  I made this photo of the church after we left while sitting at a traffic light.  The sky was white at this moment which showed the intricate silhouette of the barren tree.


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Bear with Me with Fall Memories 2015

Saw these wonderful bears right outside our car windows.  There is just something very exciting
about seeing a bear!  This took place during the first week of September, 2015, in Cades Cove
of the Smoky Mountains.

Earlier by a month or so I was making photos from the
Primitive Baptist Church in Cades Cove.  I was attempting to
photograph the sun illuminating the leaves in a brightly lit way.
Later at home I zoomed in and my gosh, it does appear
to be a bear in the photo!

Great food memory from late summer, apple pie and vanilla ice cream.  Thanks
to our neighbor Don for sharing this delicious pie.

Just an early morning photo of a candle back lighting a
floral arrangement.

View from my church while attending the ladies Bible study.  Such
a beautiful church and grounds.

Another late summer memory while I was grilling our cowboy burgers from our deck.

Not the best quality for a photo but enough to preserve a memory from October while enjoying
our neighbours' fire pit.

We like our predawn mornings with lit candles as we drink our coffee
and enjoy the rising sun.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Corner of My Studio

For several days I have been working in my studio.  Many years ago I bought this art deco cabinet or book case.  I knew when I bought it the doors would not open.  I had tried different keys to no avail.  Different times in past years, I had tried to pry open the doors. Several months ago, I had made the decision to go get the cabinet from storage and take it straight to a locksmith.  Right before I took the cabinet to my SUV, I tried one more time to open the beautiful leaded glass doors.  My gosh, what a surprise, THE DOORS OPENED!  

After this happened, I was thinking of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.  She was told by Glinda, the good witch, "You've had the power all this time, my dear."   

All those years we could have been enjoying this beautiful piece of furniture!