Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chef John Folse's Recipe for Shrimp Remoulade

It must have been many years ago when I first experienced remoulade sauce in New Orleans' French Quarter. Clint and I decided to have remoulade sauce today with our boiled shrimp.  I said it would be easier for me to Google the recipe than dig through my recipes for the paper version. Clint remarked that it would be no problem, I am sure there are several recipes out there for remoulade sauce.  I told him he was mistaken, there was only one recipe for remoulade sauce and this is the recipe.

Chef John Folse, in 1978, opened Lafitte's Landing Restaurant in the historic Viala Plantation House in Donaldsonville, Louisiana.

We have enjoyed this recipe for several years now.  I don't make any substitutions in the recipe and use Hellmann's Mayonaise. (No light or low fat) and original Louisiana Hot Sauce.  The Cajun mustard is a must and fresh parsley.  It is even better the next day.  Sometimes we use it for salad dressing the following day.  I do make only half the recipe and we have leftover sauce the next day.

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Lyrics of Love and Lore said...

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