Monday, August 16, 2010

The Little Vexations

About thirteen years ago while shopping at a Goodwill, I found this little framed verse.  It was sitting in a box on the floor with some other items.  The frame is old gold leaf, custom made because the frame's corners are held together with tiny nails and and glass covered the yellowed verse.  Measuring 3.5" by 5.5", it cost fifty cents.

This little framed piece is one of my favorite finds.  The verse is written in pen and ink with lots of flourishes which I found interesting because of my love of calligraphy. I especially love the little watercolor painting of yellow roses.  There was no identification of the artist but it has inspired me to make some small framed quotation pieces that are similar to this one.

The verse reads ...

The little sharp Vexations, and the Briars that catch and fret;
Why not take all to the Helper, who has Never failed us Yet.


Lyrics of Love and Lore said...

Makes you wonder, when you find a little chestnut like this, what is its story? Who made it? What was going on in their life at the time this was made? Did it hang on someone's wall for years? The words must have been very comforting to someone. And rightly so---for the words are true!

Anonymous said...

Amen! from Barb on John's FB page.