Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Daily Predawn Walks

Walking "equipment"
                                                                                                                                                              Clint and I have always briskly walked for exercise.  It just so happens we were naturally fast walkers before our life together.  It does work out in a good way, to walk the same speed naturally as one's spouse.  June 27th we began walking everyday, well ... almost everyday, I have missed only six days since that day, two and a half months ago.  We walk two miles in 40 minutes.  That means I have walked approximately 134 miles since that day in June when we began.

It has been so hot this summer in Plano, TX,  our favorite time to walk is around 5:30 AM.  We walk our usual route which takes us over a small bridge and through a shopping center. 

There are the predictable sights and scenes on our walking route.  This routine is not boring to me, sometimes I am comforted by the familiar. We get the best of both worlds, we see both the moon and the sun by the time we finish.

We see so many rabbits they have become commonplace. There's Carleton the bagel baker and the usual crowd at the bagel shop that we pass. Usually the Enterprise truck is in front of Kroger's, being unloaded.  Around six, Ismael is seen slowing driving through the parking lot, parking in his same spot.  He keeps the sidewalks and parking lot clean and he always greets us. We have to dodge the cars avoiding the speed bumps as they drive through Dunkin Donuts. We still search for coins as we walk and have a special bank for the coins that we have found.

Walking is the best exercise for me, one I seem to be able to stick with on a regular basis.  I can tell a difference in my energy level, mood and the best benefit ... weight loss!

Our walking "trail".
I will admit, there are some mornings we can barely move but we make ourselves do it.  There are also the mornings we don't have much to say to each other.  My favorite time is when we walk down our alley to home, come into our cool house, press the coffee maker button and know we have our walking behind us for another day.


Lyrics of Love and Lore said...

Thank you for kickin' my butt most mornin's and makin' me get on the trail. The best way to start the day!

Design Wine and Dine said...

I love this. It is the little things in life like this that are so special! It's great you and your husband do this together too, it sounds meditative. Thanks for sharing your mornings...

Teresa said...

Hi Cindy!
Thanks for popping by Blooming on Bainbridge!
Good for you for being a WALKIN' GIRL!
I am sad that my blog will no longer pull up on your computer.
Is this a problem you are having with just my blog?
Wonder why it want pull up?
Do let me know what you think?
Happy Walking!
Bainbridge Island WA!