Saturday, October 30, 2010

Recent random thoughts and images ...

A stately flower peeking over a fence the other morning on my walk ...

Shame on me, it has been a few busy days since I have posted anything on my blog. It seems there was something happening everyday and just the details of life.  Last Saturday I was the victim of a cyber attack to the tune of $187!  I had never experienced a computer virus, sure...I hear of them all the time but they seemed to happen to others. I literally felt like someone came into our home and robbed us.  The guy at the computer shop said he had read that the dollar amount of damage estimated of this particular crime is $2 billion. I find it hard to believe there is such evil out there. I admit I had not been doing updates as I should.

Also, last weekend, I worked on some cookie recipe research and testing for a contest. I made one recipe I called "Aunt Mossie's Magic Mounds" and Clint was the food tester.  I didn't have to ask him if he liked them, he ate ALL but one, the one I hid to make this photograph.  I think I would have heard by now if I was chosen a finalist for the contest.

The one cookie that was left from Clint's "taste testing".

Besides the cookies, I also made some Banana Biscotti. 

I goofed on this recipe, stirred batter too much.

Recently I wrote of a terrible experience at a little grill at a Mexican grocery store.  The food was bad enough but there was the fly swatting ... yikes!  Anyway, Thursday we had a most wonderful dining experience and lunch at Aparicio's here in Plano.

Oh, I almost forgot the falafel.  I made falafel a couple of days ago.  I used a brand of Falafel mix called Tarazi Gourmet Falafel Veggie Burger and was pleased with it.  Clint has now decided he likes falafel.  Available at Sprout's supermarket is prepared Tzatziki sauce, that sure helps in the preparation of the sandwich.  The sauce was very good, too.

Very good!

Some exciting news to announce, for some time I have thought I needed a blog just devoted to my art.  I am happy to announce that was born this afternoon!  (It took me two days to just do the header!  Whew!  It is difficult to get it all spaced in the 760 pixels!)

Enough rambling for the time being ... best wishes to all who might happen upon this blog ♥


VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Oh....SO yummy and sweet beauty!!!
Dear Cindy:-)*
Thank you SO very much for you kindnest comment by me,
Hugs and Love,

Clint said...

Well, first of all---congrats on the new blog. I assume that there will be less cursing and yelling and throwing of plates and dishes now that it is up and running (just kidding).

You are so creative and I hope you continue to express yourself as you always have with me.

You are loved.

Franz said...

Ciao Cindy,bellissima la fotografia del fiore,ottime le ricette!
Anche a me è capitato di ricevere un'attacco informatico,però me la sono cavata da solo,con un pò di fortuna:-)


Bitch said...

Hello Cindy,
you made my mouth dripping again!!
And I haven't eaten since breakfast..
You do know, that the Tzatziki sauce is
coming here from Greece?
Good that your PC Virus is out for good,e?
Wish you a very nice November,