Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tea with a New Friend

Tea time is always the right time with a new friend ♥

Yesterday I spent some time with a new friend, Laura.  We had a very enjoyable afternoon, we discovered we have some common interests and one interest is painting!  Laura has taken lessons in the art of Chinese painting and showed me notebooks of some of her lessons.  Chinese painting and calligraphy have a very interesting history, we discussed Sumi-e painting which means "one brush".  She also has a beautiful collection of paintings by Chinese artists.  One particular painting I was drawn to was a landscape painting depicting rainfall.  The artist captured the heavy rain in a realistic style, the rain all evenly slanted.  I am anxious to paint some rain!

The misty effect of rain ...
A Chinese painting of shrimp done in Sumi-E style.


Laura and I also saw some pitcher plants.  This plant is unbelievable, it has what looks like small water pitchers hanging off of it.  Laura said the little pitchers collect water when it rains.

The very unique and beautiful pitcher plant.

Laura and I hope to get together soon and do some watercolor painting.  Laura is a very beautiful person inside and out and I enjoyed getting to know her better.

Friends are like stars ... you don't always see them but you know
they're always there." "

~Hulali Luta







Clint said...

Great blog!---We can't have too many friends!


The paintings were beautiful, I liked the shrimp one because of how artistic it turned out to be that it doesn't totally look like a shrimp anymore. It's nice to meet new friends who are somewhat on the same page as us:-)

Franz said...

Hi Cindy, it's nice to have new friends to be able to exchange opinions, very interesting Chinese technique.
Very good tea :-)


Anonymous said...

you know i love the star * picture

Megandvd@Beauty in the Attempt said...

I can not wait to see your work!!! I am anxious as to see what lovelys you create.


Design Wine and Dine said...

Sounds like a very enjoyable day. Always great to meet a new person and be able to get together over the classic cup of tea!

Beautiful photos in that post - as always! I can see your utter PASSION for art in your photos and in your words...

Fat Bastardo said...

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