Sunday, October 10, 2010

Whole Foods

A perfect fall morning at Whole Foods.
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Today we had a house showing and Clint took care of the house while I attended church and Sunday school.  By the way, he did such a superb job!  Thanks, honey.

We had a good church attendance, the sermon was on John 5:1-9.  In Sunday school today we had a change of pace, a skit.  It dealt with ethics, what would Jesus do, scripture and made for some good discussions and insight.  Afterwards, I had an hour to spend before heading home and the end of the house showing time.

It had been a few weeks since I had been to one of my favorite places ... Whole Foods. Seven years ago Clint made a trip to Plano to house hunt while I stayed in Atlanta.  He told me one evening he had gotten a some food at a "deli".  When I arrived he decided we would visit the "deli" one evening to get dinner.  Was my life ever changed! This was my introduction to Whole Foods and I was blown away! One has to visit Whole Foods to experience it. When we have family visit, we always include Whole Foods on the "must see" list.

There are no burgers like the Cowboy Burgers at Whole Foods.  Once (and I do mean once) I tried to copy the Cowboy Burgers by using the ingredients listed on the label.  I learned only Whole Foods can make this Cowboy Burger.  There are other Cowboy Burgers out there but none come close to Whole Foods.

Today I bought only two things, some lavender incense and a Athlete's Choice cookie.  They were out of my newest favorite Whole Food cookie, the Nut and Fruit Cookie.  I want to try and copy it, maybe I will have better luck on cookies than burgers.

Sunday mornings are a good time for sampling.  I tried some breadnut coffee and lamb with mint sauce.

Prasad Celestial Lavender Incense,
"The Finest Incense in the World."

The encouraging properties listed on this incense include Health, Happiness
Hope and  Wisdom
(Sounds good to me!)

The newly covered seating area in front of Whole Foods.
Perfect people watching site!


Clint said...

Cowboy burgers are the best, all right. I got a hankerin' to go shoppin' there again.

Design Wine and Dine said...

I LOVE WholeFoods too! I think I remember you mentioning their Cowboy burger before...I will be picking some up the next time I go b/c I simply now HAVE to try them!!!

Honestly...maybe tonight????