Monday, November 22, 2010

Countdown to the Ghost Tour ...

A stunning ballroom and dining room, I read
Willie Nelson performed here to a standing room only crowd in 1982.

For those who have not read my previous post, The Crescent Hotel: Facing my Fears, this is a continuation of that post.  I felt there were so many interesting details, images and facts I simply could not do it all in one blog post.

A view of the backside of the hotel.

As I had mentioned before, Clint and I heard music from our hotel room, his idea was it sounded like a "mountain dulcimer" and I had thought it resembled a Victorian music box. When I walked out on the balcony to investigate, I knew the music had to be coming from a beautiful church down a steep hill, the property joining the hotel's. This beautiful music was heard at different times during our visit and just added to the hotel's ambiance.

St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church,
Eureka Springs, Arkansas ... behind the Crescent Hotel

Grabbing our cameras,  we headed to the back to explore, I walked down many steps and Clint stayed at the top and walked around.

This statue was right behind the hotel.

Clint wanted to show me something when I returned to the top, a memorial garden with a little water fountain and a plaque with an engraved name.  Clint recognized the name as the hotel owner, he had read of the purchase of the hotel and major preservation efforts of the couple who had purchased the Crescent Hotel in 1997.  We learned the man was killed a couple of years ago in a car accident in Iowa.  His wife was injured but today is still carrying on their mission.  They also had purchased two other businesses in Eureka Springs.

Such welcomed scenes ... I needed this!  This is not
to be found in Plano, TX.

Back in our room, I decided I would explore the lobby area with my camera.  It was a few hours before I was to begin the "Ghost Tour", I was going alone on this tour.  I had told Clint, "Wouldn't it be nice if I could meet another woman to "bond" with on the tour." :-)  I had no idea how quickly I would meet this woman or that I would even meet anyone.

A 124 year old hall!

Our room # 201, across from "infamous" room # 202.

I had just stepped outside our room and was locking the door.  We actually had real metal keys! ( How rare are those these days?) The door across from us in room 202 opens and a woman says, "Oh, someone has checked in across from us." She was on a cell phone and our short conversation went like this:

Cindy:  Your first experience here?
Hotel Guest:  Yes, how about you?
Cindy:  Yes, my first time, too.
Cindy:  Cindy
Terri:  Terri
Terri: Ghost Tour?
Cindy: Yes
Terry:  See you at eight.
Cindy:  Okay, see you at eight!  (smiling)

Wow, how easy was that!  I couldn't wait to tell Clint I had already met someone and had to call him right away as soon as I was in the lobby.

There was a beautiful little art galllery in the lobby, of course I headed there first. I enjoyed looking around there and talking with Betty Ruth who worked in the gallery.  (BTW, my mother's name is Betty Ruth :-) )

I also had the pleasure of meeting a furry creature in the lobby ...

He/she got up right after I snapped this picture and laid down
on the floor.  As soon as I walked away, he/she got right back in the chair.

Don't you love this water bowl?

There were two cats living there, I
failed to get a photo of the second cat.

Time is drawing near for the "Ghost Tour".   I am already getting sweaty palms ...

To be continued ...


Clint said...

I could definitely tell that you were getting "edgy" as time for the ghost tour approached. Ha.


It just gets more exciting...and that woman was actually staying at the infamous room? how brave!

Pedro Éme said...

Hi, Cindy!

I just found your profile by looking interests list…
I get impressed with the beauty of your face!
I couldn’t help myself, forgive my impulse.

I believe we’ve share several interests. Later, I’ll roll down your blog properly. By now I only should congratulate your husband’s choice.