Monday, November 8, 2010

His and Hers Most Memorable Meals

A dinner party at the Ellisons'  ... celebration time!!!

Last evening Clint and I were discussing some blog topics and came up with a "His and Hers Most Memorable Meals" blog.  We came up with four categories:  Most Memorable Restaurant Meal, Most Memorable Home Meal, Best Restaurant Meal and Best Home Meal. We decided to do our own respective blogs without knowledge of the other's favorites until we read each other's blog.

1)   Most memorable restaurant meal for me was on the 96th floor of the John Hancock Center in Chicago.  The Signature Room is a beautiful restaurant atop the center with elegant wood designs and an art deco interior. There is a magnificient mural on the walls, I regret I don't have a photograph of it.

I can't remember what we had for dinner 
but will always remember this view ...

This is the view  of the Navy Piet we could see best 96 stories atop the John Hancock Center.

2)   Most memorable home "meal" for me was the surprise birthday party Clint planned for me in 2008.  He picked me up from work on the day of this event and was acting rather strangely with a strange phone call and driving a different route home.  (He didn't want me to see the cars parked in front of our house)  It was a highlight of my life ... shock was more like it.  Imagine coming through your garage, laundry room and opening your kitchen door to 50+ people with loud noise makers!!!

Bill and Andra

Susan's beautiful melon bowl of fruit!

3)   Best restaurant meal I have had would have to be at Compari's Italian Restaurant here in Plano, TX.  The Red Snapper Portofino is the most delicious dinner that I can remember having in ANY restaurant. The menu describes this dish as "lightly breaded fillet of red snapper sauteed in lemon butter sauce with pine nuts and mushrooms over baby spinach, served with pasta."  I could not find any photos that would do this dish justice I chose an illustration of a red snapper fish:

4)   Best home meal would have to be breakfast, the kind of breakfast we have usually when we have family or company.  Illustrating this meal is a photo I took at a brunch I hosted in 2006.  My favorite breakfast foods are quiche lorraine, hashbrown casserole, cheese grits and fresh fruit.

Some of my favorite foods were served at this
ladies brunch I hosted in 2006 such as quiche, hashbrown casserole, cheese grits
and fresh fruit kabobs.

Well, it's now time to compare notes, check out Clint's blog and see if he and I shared some of the same favorites.  ♥


Clint said...

Impossible to say which meal is best among the hundreds of great ones! Compari's and the stuffed red snapper is a classic. And that brunch you served a while back drew rave reviews. Nice post!

Design Wine and Dine said...

Well, you two sure know how to have fun!

I forgot to mention on Clint's blog what a great party that looked like! So nice to be able to be surprised by wonderful friends and family!

I would like to come to brunch at your house!!!