Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Raising of the Steeple

Hooking up the top of the steeple for "liftoff" !

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Yesterday Clint and I went to Christ United Methodist Church to view the raising and placement of the steeple on the new sanctuary.  We joined this Plano, TX, church a few months after we moved here.  We were there at 1:00 PM but the event was postponed because of blustery winds. 

The lifting of the steeple was postponed
Tuesday because of blustery Texas winds.

The raising was rescheduled to 8:00 AM this morning.  We arrived not long after 7:30 AM and found what we thought was the best viewing location. It truly was a special event.  I was able to sign the cross along with other members before the cross was erected last atop the steeple.

The steeple was connected to the base.

Notice the man with the hardhat inside the steeple,
this gives you an idea of the scale!

Joining the steeple with its base.

The steeple and base are lifted by the crane.

Workers are attempting to align the steeple to the steel framework.

There was some wind to contend with ...

Notice the worker at the base of the steeple,
he had crawled out of the hole as I was making the photo!

Workers being lifted for additional work ...

Finishing touches on the cross ...

Glory to God in the Highest

Luke 2:14


Clint said...

Sensational experience seeing this feat of engineering. Great pics! Glory to God!

Franz said...

Interessante,non avevo mai visto la posa di un Campanile,belle foto e bel post!
Gloria a Dio!

Ciao Cindy

Design Wine and Dine said...

Very cool you guys got to be a part of this event! I know how very special it must have been for you both...beautiful!!!!

foodies at home said...

Wow...very cool to see! Our church doesn't quite have such a large steeple...amazing!

Bitch said...

Very good pictures that you took...
Not only the wind troubled the men, but it
was quite a hard job for all of them!!
Wish you a very good weekend,

Anonymous said...

Neat photos. Not everyday you get to not only photograph something of this magnitude, but to be able to be a part of it - amazing, truly amazing!