Sunday, November 14, 2010

Scenes from this week ...

This bird was doing some serious "calling" as I was walking the other morning.
He/she was perched very high in these trees.

Just a few scenes from this past few days.  Things have been hectic here, downright stressful at times but we are looking forward to this coming week ... and hopefully some new and good blog material is fixin' to happen!

We were greeted by this rose on our patio this week ... still
amazed that we have such beautiful roses.  (I do not possess a green thumb!)

Some strange cloud formations against some blue sky on Thursday.
Along the roof tops were briliant white clouds.

Grabbing my camera as I ran to the patio Friday, I just knew there were perfect conditions for
 a rainbow and there it was in all its glory!


Clint said...

You must've had a beautiful week!

Franz said...

Ciao Cindy,la rosa è bellissima,quelle nubi invece alquanto inquietanti!
Belle foto!


VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

SO beautiful photos,dear Cindy!!!

This rainbouw is just miracel...

Wish you great new week,

Hugs and LOve to you,

Design Wine and Dine said...

That bird picture is just too cool!!!! It's my favorite one! That rainbow sure is awesome too though!

I know what you mean about being busy, I guess it's that time of year! :)

Anonymous said...

awesome photos cindy!
the first one of the big bird? Looks like one of the bazillion ones in a nearby tree to us.... such clattering noises they made!
and the beautiful rose photo!. wee, too have an awesome rose bush that was here when we moved here. It too, is still blooming wonderfuly, and I don't have a green thumb, either. We are sure this is something the Lord hath produced


I love looking at your stunning photos! I admire how you capture beautiful shots and colors:-) The rainbow was captivating and the rose seems to pop out of the page :-)