Sunday, December 26, 2010

Beautiful Berry Bowl

Detail of drain hole designs in our handmade berry bowl.

The day before Christmas Eve, our neighbors, Wayne and Suzan, visited us bearing a beautiful gift!  Suzan told us the story of how she acquired a Maine Berry Bowl from her niece who visits that area of the country.  Suzan had her niece get us one for giving to us as a gift.  We thought it was a sweet story for someone to remember us to get us this special present and the behind-the-scenes events surrounding the bowl.

The handmade pottery piece, the berry bowl with
the little saucer that sits under the bowl.

It is a handmade piece of pottery, red with other golden colors of glaze and an arrangement of drain holes in the bottom.  A small saucer-like plate sits under it to collect any left over water draining from rinsing the berries.

Looking forward to getting some berries
 to rinse off using our special berry bowl.

We look forward to finding some berries and using our berry bowl.  As I have mentioned in another blog about Suzan and Wayne, Suzan loves color and the color red.  This red bowl will be treasured always and an instant reminder from Suzan ... we can all use more color in our lives.

Wayne and Suzan, thank you so much for this wonderful Christmas gift and the loving thoughts behind it!


Clint said...

Hurry up and get some berries.

Cindy Ellison said...

As soon as it gets warmer! In reality, we will have to hit Whole Foods :-)

Ian said...


Bitch said...

Dear Cindy.
Very beautiful photos of your red colored
bowl! My favorite color in life is red and
black.. It depends on my feelings.
The tiles in my kitchen are fire red..

I thank you for the last month coming to my blog and leaving very nice comments!!

Wish you and your family a good New Year!


Design Wine and Dine said...

A beautiful bowl! Get to Whole Foods! LOL!