Monday, December 13, 2010

Special Delivery

Yesterday two of Santa's elves left some special treats outside our front door.  This beautiful plate had several varieties of homemade candy!  On it were Martha Washington Candies, Dark Chocolate Pecan Drops, Fruit and Nut Bark and Peanut Butter Bark.

Such a sweet surprise for a Sunday afternoon! 

To our two wonderful neighbors, thank you so much!  How blessed to have such neighbors.


Clint said...

Beautiful pictures! I wanted to eat one of them but they have disappeared. Have you seen them?

Franz said...

That good! Can I use the teleportation of Star Trek?:-))


Clint said...

Franz---yes! Bring me to Germany! :)

Franz said...

Ah no Clint in Italy!:-))
Half in Italy and half in Germany?:-))

good evening!

Design Wine and Dine said...

How can you not LOVE this time of year?! A beautiful gift to find at your door! BTW-thank you for such kind comments on my blog :) XO