Thursday, March 31, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Our offer was accepted on this house yesterday!

For a long time I had been dreaming about a white mantle, these
dreams occurred in the 1980s.  There was a white
mantle in our Plano house and here's another one
that could possibly be in my life. 

I wish I could find another unique table
like this one, I really like it.

Jackie Price on the right, we could have not found
a better realtor.  I "found" him by a random phone call to a large
real estate company in Knoxville in May 2010.  He had shown
me homes then and had kept in touch the past year.

I don't want to come across as being boastful about this house.  Getting the offer accepted was another hurdle, we still have to wait and see that our buyers get their loan approved.  I have to say this week has been so very stressful with some behind the scenes happenings.


Aishah said...

Oh what a pretty yard of a beautiful home. The floor is so beautiful, it offers warmth. May all efforts will come smoothly.

Karen Kyle Ericson said...

This house is beautiful! I'm so glad you found it. I hope the two of you will have many happy years and fun times here.

Shady Del Knight said...

Building, buying, selling, moving - it's all stressful, Cindy, and I applaud you for making time for your blog friends in the midst of the chaos. My thoughts are with you, dear friend!

Clint said...


Sabine said...

What a wonderful house. I love the open kitchen.
Greetings Sabine

Anonymous said...

OH! Oh !I can just imagine this home with your touches added, ((( Cindy n' Clint ))). Continued prayers for smooth sailing...............
love you, Cindy!


Nova said...

Really....a beautiful house, and I can see Clint sitting in the corner, reading the newspaper and you preparing the breakfast.

greetings Petra

Emma said...

Congratulations Cindy, I hope everything goes smoothly for you and your husband with your move. The house looks beautiful!

Emma x