Saturday, March 5, 2011

Music, Magic and Memories

Pardon Me!

Norman Rockwell
January 26, 1918

(Timeless, isn't it?)

Clint and I often discuss how blogging has opened up a new world for us.  A world of new acquaintences ... some wonderful, talented and most interesting people from all over the world.

Shady Del Knight, the administrator of Shady Dell Music & Memories, is one of the new friends I have met through blogging that I would have never known otherwise.  A talented writer, Shady's blog is devoted to keeping alive the music and memories of The Shady Dell.  John and Helen Ettline were the owners of The Shady Dell, a business that "began as a home based restaurant and bakery in 1945".  Located in York, Pennsylvania, the business evolved into a very popular night spot for local and not-so-local teenagers.  The regulars were known as "Dell Rats".  Shady shares so many popular songs and stories from the 1960s when the Dell was in full swing. He has followers from around the world who are being exposed to these great old sounds and are becoming fans.

A couple of days ago I had the  honor of receiving a blogger award from Shady Del, A Blog with Substance Award. This was a great compliment, thank you Shady.  When receiving this award, I am to reveal seven things about my life that many people might not know.  Oh boy, here goes ...

1)  For a Halloween costume party one year, I made a Miss Piggy papier mache head.  At the party, a tv show host asked me to come on her program and give a demonstration on the art of papier mache.  It was fun and a good experience.

My Miss Piggy papier mache head (looks like she could use
some Botox on that face!).  This was perfect for me to wear to my
daughter's school Halloween party in the early 80s.  My sweet daughter, Lucinda,
is pictured on the far right.  Looks like she has flipped her wig!  :-D

2)  A couple of years ago I sold over $17,000 worth of Estee Lauder cosmetics in one month.  I had no confidence that I could sell anything so this was a special deal for me.

I heard the words "Free Gift" in my sleep at night!

3) My original birth certificate had a MAJOR typo on it:  Sex male

Yesterday I was asking Clint if he remembered this story about my birth certificate and he asked me if I had it changed. I told him, yes it had been changed ... the "first sex change on paper".  (i bad :-)

4)  My daughter and I told our UFO experience on WIVK Radio Station in the mid 1990s.  I have searched for my notes and can't find the exact figure of the listening audience but I do believe, Mike Hammond, the host, replied "30,000" when I asked how many people could have heard us!  It was good I heard this after the interview instead of before.

5) Since we have lived in Texas for the past seven years, we have had at least 200 people at our home for different occasions including dinners, brunch, my surprise birthday party and other parties.  At our dinner parties, Clint always made the guests'  individual pictures and we have a treasured album of 8 x 10 photos.

In 2006 I can't believe I made an 18' long table but somehow
it all fit together.  It was a wonderful morning and
we all got to know each other better.  I am a quiche lover
and I made several quiche lorraines for this brunch.

6)   I had a "certified club member card" from the Pan Am First Moon Flights Club.  Offered as a tourist service to the moon, one had to simply write for a "reservation".  Membership was "open" during the years of 1968 to 1971.  The card had a "serial number position of record on the wait list".  A statement from Pan Am:  We have every intention of living up to this confidence. 

 I carried that little card in my billfold for many years.  Being a paper hoarder as I was/am, I can't believe I don't have my card today.

A sample card shown here.  It would be interesting
today to know my "confirmation number" and see how
low it might have been on the reservations list.

 7) I won this local contest in Knoxville when the movie E. T. came out.  Not an example of my best work for sure, I whipped this out in a hurry, but....I Won!  The contest was guessing what the appearance of the new character, E.T., would look like in Steven Spielberg's new movie.  Just this past Sunday our pastor mentioned E.T. in his sermon, the longing for home ...

This is pretty hilarious today!  Sorry for the
poor quality of this image.

My how time flies when you're having fun!  Thanks again, Shady Del, for bringing back memories and for the blogger award.   For a good time and also your listening requirements, you are one click away from Shady's blog 


Clint said...

Thank Lord God Almighty that sex change you had was only ON PAPER!

Great post! And great memories!

Shady Del Knight said...

Oh, Cindy, this is so very kind of you! Thank you, my friend! I feel just as fortunate to have discovered somebody as smart, talented and friendly as you through blogging. When you post a comment on my blog I always get the sense that you can relate to what I have written and that you took time to read, listen and think before you wrote. That extra effort, that special connection means a lot to me. You have led a fascinating life. I already knew about your gift as an artist, your recent close encounter of the rod kind, and your stint as a Nixonette. Now you have offered more interesting revelations. It requires no stretch of the imagination to believe that you are a gracious hostess, a champion salesperson and daring enough to fly to the moon. Having seen photos of you then and now the only thing I would have trouble picturing you a boy! Thank you again, dear friend, for accepting the award and for writing such kind words about me and my blog.

Cindy Ellison said...

Thank you for this special comment, Shady Del! I have put a link to this blog on my FaceBook page so maybe you will get some visits from some of my old high school friends, I know some of them would love your blog and the music posted. Looking forward to seeing what's next on your mind!

Shady Del Knight said...

That's very sweet of you, Cindy! Your friendship and support are greatly appreciated, and I want to thank Clint for becoming my latest follower! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, both of you special people!

Emma said...

Thanks for sharing Cindy! I love these kinds of posts where you get to learn more about bloggers!

Cindy Ellison said...

Thank you, Emma! This was my first time doing this. I really enjoy reading your blog. You had mentioned you would like to visit Tennessee, I have always had an interest in Ireland. I enjoyed reading about the Nashville friends you met. Hope your week at work goes well. Thank you for the visit and comment! ♥

P.S. Yesterday I wore some red lipstick to the grocery store, mine would never look as good as yours!

Anonymous said...

((( Cindy )))
As always, your thoughts and photos are sooo worth the time reading-looking.
I So love Clint's continued support and encouragement... You 2 make a great team.
About fact #6... my grandpa had one of those tickets , too!
When he retired from the railroad in 1968, The Milwaukee Railroad gave him one as a pressie... too cool!
Too bad neither of you have the ticket, anymore..( and too bad Pa's dead... )
Love you, Cindy..


p.s.... still praying your home sells, quickly... so y'all can be Home For The Holidays
...and closer to me...teehee...*