Saturday, April 9, 2011

Glass: Handle with Care

Colored glass has always been a passion of mine.  Some of these
are old family pieces.  The blue dish on the lower
left side came from a Goodwill Sale.  The amethyst bowl
on the other side came from a yard sale for 50c.  One of my
old antique mall friends suggested a hefty price for resell.  Now
I'm glad it didn't sell.

We're packing!  I am a happy woman and am going to love to pack because it means we are moving.  Today I was thinking of William P. Young's book, The Shack.  In the book he refers to an event in his life as his "Great Sadness".  My "Great Sadness" for many years was being so far away from my family.  I venture to say we all have have a "Great Sadness" in our lives. 

After two "no shows" for estimates from other movers and me being on the phone for half a day, yesterday we were pleased when Kirk showed up at our door, on time.  We now have a contract with Mayflower for our cross country move.  Kirk did an excellent job, thank you again Kirk if you happen to read this.

This afternoon we went to Home Depot and bought some boxes.  The winds are so strong here we could not get them to the car without them flying out of the carts!  I had to stand by both carts outside the doorway until Clint drove the car and parked in front to pick them up.

Clint's martini glasses.

Recently I saw these vintage glasses in a magazine.
Clint's mom gave them to us.  Like the Moroccan
influence.  They look good with some Lenox Eternal
dishes my mom gave us.

Always fond of old cobalt blue glass, I like these new ones, too,
with the blue swirls

Had them displayed on those old small glass custard cups. 
Whatever works, the cups were hidden from view when
they were displayed in the cabinet.


Clint said...

I was wondering if I have a "great sadness". I don't. I have Jesus and you and friends. I am blessed. Yes, there have been things in my past that were not happy or uplifting, but they are in the past---gone. Praise Him for His grace.

Emma said...

Love your collection of glass cindy! I hope your packing is going well, can't wait to hear how you're getting along!

Emma xx

Shady Del Knight said...

Some of my earliest childhood memories revolve around visits to my aunt's farm. For decades she and my uncle traveled around Pennsylvania going to yard sales, garage sales, rummage sales and estate sales buying things that they brought back and resold in a store on their property. Many of the items were plates, candy dishes, bottles, vases and other objects made of colored glass. My aunt and uncle prided themselves on knowing which items could fetch a tidy sum once they were cleaned, polished, and displayed properly. Cindy, I am excited for you and Clint. The reality of moving doesn't fully sink in until you start packing. I hope everything goes smoothly for you from this point on, my dear friend!

Nova said...

I love your glass collection, very beautiful. Hopefully everything will stay undamaged.

have a beautiful sunday and greetings

Cindy Ellison said...

Thank you- Emma, Shady and Petra. I appreciated your visits and comments very much.

Clint-thank you for reminding me what is most important. Romans 8:28. I know I shouldn't have that sadness.

Shady, I can sure understand how those memories from your aunt and uncle's farm are your fondest. The 'thrill of the chase' is the fun part, looking for those old treasures. Some of my best memories were roaming around in the country at my relatives' farms who lived in the country. It's sad to me that these days so many youth will not have these experiences and memories.

Gen said...

An impressive collection of glass. I love all these pieces! When I was a child, my auntie loved to buy me small colored glass miniatures which I still keep as a treasure.

Anonymous said...

((( Cindy ))) I am so happy for you that your "Time of Great Sadness" is overwith! I can totally relate to that great sadness, as I, too, have my loved ones living over 800 miles away...
I just finished tThe Shack.... after getting over a couple of unusual ideas about God and the Holy Spirit ( women? lol ) I totally enjoyed the beautiful imagery... will read it again, sometime...
love your beautiful glass collection as with all your collections, they reflect a beautiful you...
love you, Cindy... you lucky granny, you