Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thank You, Wayne and Suzan!

Our neighbors and friends, Wayne and Suzan gave us a
Going-Away-Party last Saturday night.  What a night it was, we
had so much fun and I can't remember when I've laughed so hard.
As Clint said, it was magical.  Yesterday our friend and neighbor, Sandy,
said she wished it would have never ended.

They always have such delicious food!
Such great cooks, too!

Suzan and her "pet" monkey,  I see he survived another winter
in the green house!

Wayne, listening intently as Clint tells another tall tale!
Don't believe a word of it, Wayne! ;-D
Ray and Sandy ... Ray, those flowers are so becoming on you,
even Frankie can't resist you!

Okay, you two ... break it up!

Sandy and Ray, thank you, these baked cheese tartlets
were very good!

Suzan and Wayne have everything so festive and decorated.
Their house is beautiful!

Our artist friends, Ginny and Dan.  Ginny gave me one of
her original zentangle style pen and ink drawings ... done
especially for me.  She added some designs that I had told her I liked.  I love it and will always treasure it.
Ginny, I'm sorry I did not get a picture to post of it,
it got packed Sunday with some other art.

Thank you so much for such a special gift.

Ray and Sandy, our neighbors and friends.

To top off the evening, Wayne was burning pinon wood,  I have loved
the smell of burning pinon wood since I've been in Texas.
(I even bought some pinon wood perfume in Albuquerque)

We had a very special party balloon, can you believe
this hot air balloon passed right over their house during
the party?

We were yelling "hellos" up at it,
Wayne said they could probaby hear us.

We couldn't stop laughing!

Thank you, Sandy and Ray, for the Mexican
ingredients and glassware for a dinner at our new house!

A great idea!

As I just said, we couldn't stop laughing.

Thank you, Wayne and Suzan, for having this party
in our honor.  It was a night we will always remember and treasure.
We look forward to you both coming to Tennessee
to visit us.  We also look forward to seeing Dan, Ginny,
Ray and Sandy in Tennessee.  Remember ... y'all promised
 you'd come!


Shady Del Knight said...

I never met any of them, Cindy, but I can tell that they are fine people and I know you will miss them. Life if filled with such sad partings but we must remember that it's a small world after all. We have email, Skype, blogs, phones and pagers to stay in touch not to mention old fashioned snail mail. Besides, Tennessee is only a couple of hours away by plane and not too much longer a trip by car. I am confident that all of you will remain the best of friends whether near or far.

kelli said...

cindy, i really enjoyed this post - your captions are great! what an amazing group of friends you have.=)

Anonymous said...

Cindy your amazing, the pictures are sooo cool. You are very very talented in so many ways. I wish I could take pic's like you. And I wish I could write like you, I love your blogs. Your portraits are so real, I have tried drawing family but I don't have the touch that you do.
I went to Wolf's today & looked at a camera I may buy. it should take better pic's than the one I have. He also showed me how to turn the flash off. I'll e-mail you later. We had a great time Sat. talk to you soon.

Clint said...

It was a GREAT evening and wonderful time. It really was unforgettable---from the magic of the balloon passing directly overhead to the food (incredible---Wayne and Suzan are both fantastic cooks) to the conversation to the decor. Plus, Wayne is a good kisser. Glad we got that on film. And Ray looks quite fetching with flowers in his hair. I'd like to kiss him, too, if Frankie the pooch would get out of the way. Also---best damn hamburger I ever ate. Love you guys.

Cindy Ellison said...
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Cindy Ellison said...

(Last night in the middle of fixing my typos in this post I lost internet connection. We both did, not sure what happened)

Shady, you are so right about the world becoming smaller, it seems to be doing so at an alarming rate. (in some ways, alarming) Suzan, Sandy and Ginny are all thoughtful card senders and hopefully this applies to letters, too. I will sure be writing them some old fashioned kind. Enjoyed your visit as always, have smooth sailing today.

Kelli, thank you very much, I am glad you enjoyed the blog. I was quite silly in my captions if I say so myself. ;-) Good luck in Clint's contest http://www.lyricsofloveandlore.com/ I liked your reasoning about your coins.

Ginny, it was so good to see your comment. It is exciting to hear you are looking to get a different camera. You will enjoy it. I want to check out Wolf Camera in Knoxville. Thanks again for the delicious cake and strawberries you brought Saturday night. Hope your day is a good one.

Karen Kyle Ericson said...

Beautiful photos! Very well done. I'm so glad you had such a great time. And that we will be able to keep in touch through our blogs :) God bless! I'll say a prayer for the move.

Cindy Ellison said...

Ricardo and Karen ... thank you both!

Ricardo, thank you for your comment and visit. Your photography is fantastic! Your writing talent is amazing, too!

Karen, how sweet of you, thank you. Yes, I still feel I can learn so much from you with your professional photography skills.

Anonymous said...

Great people, and looks like everyone had fun. I know you will make great friends in your new neighborhood.
Blessings on both of you

Crown of Beauty said...

I am a fairly recent reader of Clint's blog. And this is my first visit to your blog...having come over just to view pictures of the party he wrote about.

Your pictures are beautiful, taken from an artist's perspective... and after reading this post I scrolled down to read the other posts as well. I was touched by The Extraordinary Letter... I read all your April posts. I also went back to your 2009 posts and read all of them - just to get a better picture of you. Loved the Tale of the Table setting you wrote about. So beautiful. The picture of and brief post about Eileen... the portrait of Clint that led to nine commissions for you...

Well, I will just end here. When someone stays that long at somebody else's blog place, the least I can do is let them know.

Glad I cam by...


Nova said...

Great neighbors and friends, and it really looks like a lot of fun. This was a party you will never forget.

greetings to you

Crystal Mary said...

Oh this is great!!!
Love all the pics and they are fun people!
And Tennessee...Wooooooooo Hoooooooooooo!!!
We lived in south East TN...and could see the Smoky Mountains.. I believe I remember you are going to Knoxville..where we fly in and out of each visit... hey we might catch up next time we visit??? If you are somewhere nice having a meal and you hear lots of laughing and an Ozzie Roo... it could be me??? Have a Happy Easter... Stay safe, and travelling mercies..

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

Hallo Cindy, it is no nice to meet you :-)

this was sure a beautifull evening, one of the most beautifull things in life, to be with friends

Leontien said...

Ohh it looked great! Just Hopped over from Clint's blog and YES I'm your newest "stalker" hehe!


Crown of Beauty said...

Cindy, thank you for visiting my blog, and deciding to follow.

Looking forward to reading more...

Praying for you as you move out on Monday.

Have a meaningful Resurrection SUnday... indeed it is the start of a new life for you... moving out of Texas right the day after.