Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Unexpected Beauty

This early evening we went out to get some fast food (yuck) and I was reminded again of the beauty behind this Hampton Inn in Ruston, Louisiana.  The sun was sinking right behind the house and I could not get a good picture of what I am going to call an antebellum home.  In past years when we traveled here, Clint and I used to walk down this quiet little road in the middle of all these businesses. One would not expect to see such beauty in the middle of these surroundings.

Sorry I have not been commenting or visiting blogs, as soon as we got in here today we were exhausted.  We are leaving here in the morning at 5 AM for Atlanta to visit Clint's mom for a few days before leaving for our new home.

Just thought I would share these few pictures I just made during the last hour.

P.S. For lunch we did have a delicious cobb salad.


Shady Del Knight said...

Thank you for showing us this serene spot, Cindy. I am glad you have no severe weather to report because storms and tornadoes have been plaguing states from Texas to Michigan. I wish you safe traveling in the days ahead, dear friend!

Anonymous said...

Cindy, I'm so excited for you, a guess spot in the D.M.NEWS!! I can't wait
to see it . I told you, you are good!! I hope the road trip is going well & you have the wind at your back all the way. I'm praying things go smoothly and you will get things done & not be tired. I'll be watching the NEWS & your blog. Take care, love you. ginny

Nova said...

Really beautiful pictures and nature.

Have a safe trip to your new home and take care.

Franz said...

Great Shots,congrats Cindy!
A hug for you and Clint!!


Crown of Beauty said...

Congratulations on the guest spot in the news allotted to you, Cindy.

And thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures; I am sure seeing that unexpected beauty in the midst of your long drive was truly a gift from God.

May you truly enjoy each moment of your move to the new home.



Aishah said...

It is great that you stopped and smelled the roses and thank you for sharing the peace with us. I could feel the warm and rustic feeling of Louisiana and the smell of home cooking could not be far.