Sunday, April 24, 2011

An Unusual Easter Morning

My grandson Canyon, more than a year ago, I had him pose
for this picture.  He calls me Texas Mamaw.
He had some people laughing in a Cracker Barrel
gift shop when he called out, "TEXAS MAMAW"!

(This name of Texas Mamaw could be a name for 
a rough woman.  Maybe I am sometimes.  :~)

Another early morning at McDonald's getting online since we don't have internet service at home because of our move.  Now Clint has computer trouble, he is going to have to use mine in a minute.  He is sitting here drinking his "black hot water" disquised as coffee.  He coined this term of "black hot water" because we both like the actual taste of coffee.  Coffee with some flavor.  Strong coffee!

Once again, this is a mini post.  Last night I was up packing until after 1:00 AM, I would not have been able to sleep with the violent winds outside.  Up at 6:00 AM ... I am too old for this.

Well, Clint is waiting for his turn on this computer.  Maybe tomorrow my blog picture will be a Mayflower truck parked in front of our house. It truly is an unusual Easter morning for us but one we will remember.


Shady Del Knight said...

Hello, dear Cindy! My niece and nephew grew up calling my mother "Mamaw" and my father "Papaw." If Clint is having computer problems make sure he doesn't spill his black hot water on your keyboard or you'll both be out of luck! You guys are definitely my kind of people. I can't stand weak coffee. I love it black and robust. Well, it won't be long before all of this disruption is behind you and you can settle in to the new normal. Just take things one step at a time and you'll be there before you know it. Happy Easter!

Leontien said...

haha i was thinking right away at the texas chainsaw massacare (probably spelled wrong) texas mamaw... haha oops...

Thanks for coming over and i hope to see you lot's!


PhotoProsa said...

This is a lovely picture of your grandson Cindy. I hope you will soon be settled in your new home. A blessed Easter to you and Clint. Kind regards, Maria

Anonymous said...

muito bom blog!

Patti said...

hope you had an awesome Resurrection Day!