Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Big Day

A picture of Melton Hill Lake (Clnch River) on our way
to Knoxville (our new home!) yesterday morning.

Finally the day had arrived, our move-in day
at our new house.

I had always wanted to see inside one of
these trucks, Todd, our mover,  invited us inside.

Actually Clint was the photorapher of the picture.  ;-)

Happy to see this truck again, they  were right on time.  I still don't
know how they navigated those narrow country roads.

What does this switch do?

A proud Todd showing off his new fenders.
Totally pristine.

Genuine leather!

A 150 gallon tank, there are two of them.

Six miles to the gallon, about $1,200 to fill it up.

I was kidding Todd that he was the Mover of the Stars. He is the best, not only "stars" does he move but presidents.  I can't believe how much trouble we had even getting movers to show up for estimates when we first began our search. Our luck changed.  Todd owns his own business and has six trucks.  Very professional.  Thanks Todd, I hope you  had a safe trip to North Carolina.


Emma said...

nice view cindy! I hope all is well with you and clint!

Emma x

Shady Del Knight said...

Mission accomplished! I'm so glad you found the right moving company and that they arrived with your treasured possessions right on time. You look great behind the wheel of that big rig, Cindy! Now comes the fun part in which you can take your time unpacking, furnishing and decorating your new nest. Enjoy yourself, dear friend!

Sabine said...

I love those trucks. If you may have a look at this:

Greetings Sabine

PhotoProsa said...

I am so pleased for you both to have finally reached the end of a very traumatic time. Welcome in your new home! May you have many, very happy years ahead of you. Blessings and kindest regards, Maria

Nova said...

Beautiful truck, and it must be very interesting to have a look inside.

So, now you "landed" at your new place. Hope you are doing fine.

All the best to you and Clint


Patti said...

I LOVE your view!!! many, many blessings on your new home ((( Cindy n' Clint ))))

Cindy Ellison said...

Hello everyone, I just left comments for everyone and now am having a problem, it would not post. Sigh! We are at Starbucks, am calling today for internet service. Thanks everyone for your visits.

Mining for Diamonds said...

Aw! We used to go up to Melton Hill all the time! We'd take a drive to Melton Hill Dam and walk and look at the lake, and then we'd go across the way to the Cross Eye'd Cricket! We camped there one year for the night. Fun times!!!

Glad you all got moved safely!!!