Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Good Bloggers Pay it Forward Award

What an unexpected surprise I had on Memorial Day yesterday, I was acknowledged by Shady Dell Knight on his blog, Shady Dell Music & Memories! I was a honored recepient of The Good Bloggers Pay it Forward Award and Shady wrote such a complimentary description of me and my life. (I still wonder if it was really me who was profiled in such a wonderful way! ;~)

Mr. Shady Dell Knight

Administrator of  Shady Dell Music & Memories

(Yearbook Photo)

Shady Dell Knight's blog is dedicated to the Shady Dell in York, Pennsylvania.  Here is the blog description lovingly described in Shady's own words: A lighthearted and loving look back at the glory days of The Shady Dell, the historic haven for teenagers in York, Pennsylvania, and the magnanimous couple that created it, the late John and Helen Ettline.

Shady is just about to begin his Beach Party series on his blog and he has extended an open invitation.  Not only is 60s music featured, sometimes guest bloggers share their different music styles and taste.  No RSVP is required and you're only one click away from FUN!

It is amazing how much we learn from other bloggers and how we get to know them ... something most non-bloggers would have trouble understanding. You sincerely feel the other bloggers are your friends.  Recently  blogger friend Shady left a comment on my blog in response to my blog post. He recommended the reading of Thomas Wolfe's short story, The Far and The Near.  I had a feeling that my husband Clint and I would like this story.  We LOVED this story and it seems almost every day we are reminded of this story's theme.  Just this past Sunday I had a "far and near" experience that I may share on an upcoming blog.  This collection of short stories by Thomas Wolfe is not easy to find.  After the local library had to get it from the main branch, we also had no luck finding it at two used book stores. (Clint was not happy when I returned the library book without him reading the entire collection)  I feel confident I can find a copy at Amazon or eBay. This is just one illustration of how we learn from other blogger friends in this blogger world of exchanging ideas.  Thank you Shady for recommending "The Far and The Near."

The rules of the award are as follows: Thank and share your "linky love" with the person who gave you the award and then pay it forward and give it to five other bloggers.

I am forwarding the award to the following art related blogs that I enjoy.

Bill Guffey's blog The Virtual Paintout
Amy at The Brilliant Magpie
Lumilyon at Lumilyon
Kelley at Drawworm
Franz at Franz Art

Oh, I have a few questions to answer.  ;~)

Upload picture or wallpaper you are using at the moment.

I am almost ashamed to admit I don't have a picture on my desktop. If I had one, it would be this photo:

The Smoky Mountains

When was the last time you ate chicken?

Yesterday.  I am finicky about chicken and I have to make sure it is fresh.

Do you think you are hot?

Yes, I just became hot when this blog was published accidentally and I was not finished!

What songs have you listened to lately?

Ave Maria by Andre Bocelli ... this early am 
The Eagles Friday evening when our neighbors played a DVD
SKY.fm (smooth jazz radio)
Mad World by Adrian Grimshaw (YouTube)
J.D. Sumner ... a YouTube hymn (can't remember the title)

What were you thinking while doing this?

How fortunate to have some friends out there who actually seem to care and listen to what you have to say.

Do you have any nicknames?

Cindy (my real name is Cynthia), Bones by my brother and Ninny by my dad.  Pitiful, ain't it!  :~D


Another big 'thank you' to Shady Dell Knight for recognizing me again with an award.  I was humbled by your words.


Clint said...

This is all very nice---now where is that Thomas Wolfe book? :)

Shady Del Knight said...

Oh, dear Cindy, thank you for your kind words and for encouraging your readers to give my blog a try! I share your philosophy of good blogging and always try to give people a warm welcome and personalized "service after the sale."

I am elated to know that you and Clint derived so much value from The Far and the Near, a short story that rings with truth and has many applications. We have all experienced Far and Near moments in our lives.

If you want to experience a rendition of "Ave Maria" that will bring on those goose bumps of yours I invite you to watch the 1940 Deanna Durbin movie "It's a Date." I admit that I simply can't watch Deanna's operatic performance of the standard without being moved to tears. It's as if the 18 year old singing prodigy is channeling a heavenly choir of angels!

Congratulations on your richly deserved award, Cindy. As a blogger, as a friend, and as a human being you are, as they say in the record biz, #1 with a bullet!

Sara G said...

I really enjoy reading your posts and Clint's. Sometimes feel like I have found my lost aunt and uncle and always looking forward to hearing more.
Hope you have a pleasant evening!!

Cindy Ellison said...

Clint --- I need to get that book ordered NOW! As in today with so many other things to do. =)

Shady --- You are very welcome concerning this post. I did take a little "license" with it, the listing of the five other bloggers. I see what you mean, the Deanna Durbin video of her singing "Ave Maria" is "achingly beautiful". Ran across this description the other day and it fits this singing perfectly. Thanks again, Shady, hope a good day awaits you!

Sara --- how sweet, I loved you saying you felt like you had found your lost aunt and uncle. I have to keep Clint in line :-). The same goes with him, he attempts. Just kidding. I hope you are feeling better these days. ♥

Meowlissa said...

Congrats Cindy =) Hope you're having a fabulous Wednesday~

Crown of Beauty said...

You certainly deserve this blog award, Cindy. I went over to Shady's blog. Wow, that person is gifted! I read back as far as the last post on the page... and I was happy to recognize a few songs he mentioned. The lines he quoted from Terry Jacks actually made me nostalgic...
we had joy
we had fun
we had seasons in the sun

and the way he described 1963 as the end of the age of innocence is quite true, come to think of it.

I was ten years old when John F. Kennedy was assassinated, and I remember my mom and my dad crying when they heard the news. Such clear memories came drifting to my mind when I read Shady's post about it.

And yes, your blog is a work of art, I know I have told you that before.

I also agree with you that bloggers have a very special relationship - much deeper, sometimes than face to face friendships.

My son told me that bloggers blog because they think, and they feel, and they are an entirely different class of homo sapiens... and I do agree with what he said.

On blog world one can visit an author's blog, or an artist's blog... leave a comment, and more often than not, they return your visit and even leave a kind comment.

Well... this is long enough.

Have another beautiful Tennessee day...


Shady Del Knight said...

Dear Crown of Beauty, thank you very much for your supportive words about my blog and my communication skills. It makes me very happy to realize that my latest post resonated with you.

I turned 14 two days before the Kennedy assassination. One of my most vivid memories is of my mother weeping, at times almost hysterically, that entire weekend. For days she remained glued to the television and barely had the strength or the will to get up off the sofa. About a week later she collected the special issues of Life and Look magazines that dealt with the tragedy along with a couple of newspapers bearing the bold, horrifying headlines. She sealed them into a large plastic bag, went up to the attic of our house, and dropped her "time capsule" down inside the wall where it could not be recovered until the day the house is torn down. My parents are gone now but my old house is still standing up there in York and is now occupied now by another family. I'm sure they have no idea that a bag filled with memorabilia is hidden in their wall.

Thank you again, Crown of Beauty, for your kindness. I live for moments like this when I make a meaningful connection with someone who shares my memories and can relate to what I have experienced.

Cindy Ellison said...

Thank you, meowlissa, Crown of Beauty and Shady for visiting me!

Meowlissa, I need to get over to your blog! Forgive me, please. It has been so wonderful to spend some time with family since I had been away for so long. Hope things are going well with you. Thank you for your visit and comment.

Lidj (Crown of Beauty), it was so good to hear from you, too. I just visited your blog and read about your dear friend, Pat. Thank you for sharing your memories on here about the death of John Kennedy. We all remember the instant when we heard the news. Hope your day is going well, take care and have a good rest of the day. ♥ Cindy

Shady, it was so good you told us the story of your mom making a time capsule of the John F. Kennedy literature surrounding his death and hiding it in the walls. Wouldn't we love to know the details of its discovery someday. I do like the show "If Wall Could Talk". The walls of your old home sure have a story for someone in the future. A truly great story. I left Lidj (Crown of Beauty) a msg that she needed to come back and read some responses to her comments. Thank you again, Shady!