Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Martians Have Landed!

Yesterday I snapped this picture from the car as we passed by.
I had been hearing about the house a few miles from
us who had a flying saucer in their yard.

Welcome to Tennessee!

A blue gargoyle in their tree.

Love this warning sign for their safety
while crossing the road.  :-)

A dragon pops out of their roof!

A robot and I believe The Munsters are painted
on the side of their house.

Yesterday we had all these little errands to run and also went in search of olive juice.  There is no olive juice to be found.  We did find the flying saucer house a few miles from our house.  I found out the creator of these "projects" was a friendly guy named David who found humor in them.

We also drove to West Knoxville and visited some different stores and a newer area called Turkey Creek. I saw one store that I liked, an interior design store that had some very unusual art. I may write about this art later.

Clint and I were in an area where an old boyfriend had lived and operated their family business. I was telling Clint about some of their experiences with this business they had owned in this area.  We were sitting at a traffic light in a congested area with me chattering about "Joe" when a few yards before me "Joe" and his old employee passed in front of us in his mother's old car, a car that I believe to be a 1984 Cadillac.  I would not help but exclaim "There's Joe!",  it was from shock that I said it in this tone. I could not believe my eyes,  how well I knew this car from 20+ years ago, I had helped them out once when it had been stolen and had driven it back from New Orleans with "Joe's" mother.  It was surreal, as though time had not changed, to see "Joe" and John" in that car after all these years.

Clint mistakenly took my surprise as enthusiasm in seeing "Joe". Of course "Joe" had no idea I even saw him.  Anyway, it was enough for him to write a blog yesterday about it. One would think as old as we are, there would be no jealousy. NOT!  I think jealousy is not very becoming but sometimes Clint and I have some bouts of jealousy. I have asked some of my friends if they are ever jealous of their husbands, I am surprised that some have told me, "Are you kidding?  As long as we have been married?"

Monday evening we had a pleasant surprise visit from a new neighbor.  She brought over some homemade salsa and we had a good visit.  She and I have some things in common and Saturday we may go to an event together.

Clint is working hard on emptying more boxes and here I am gossiping about him to the world.  I suppose I need to go help him and pay him a little attention after yesterday's "events".  ;~D

I "borrowed" this picture from Google, an example of
giving new life to two old umbrella sized satellite dishes.

A closer view of the flying saucer in the yard.


Clint said...

Me? Jealous? Ha.

And don't tell me there is no such thing as flying saucers.

Sabine said...

Hi, it's very funny!
Greetings Sabine

Shady Del Knight said...

When I started following your blog you were telling us how you and Clint had a close encounter with those rod thingys from outer space. It doesn't surprise me that you're seeing flying saucers now. :) I used my magnifying glass and you're right - that is a Munsters mural on the side of that house! What fun it will be to pass by a place like that in your weekly travels. I'm glad you found a friendly neighbor who went out of her way to make you feel welcome. As far as jealousy goes I think a little of it is beneficial to a marriage because it lets your spouse know that you are still attractive and that your fidelity still matters. The time to start worrying is when your spouse stops caring about such things. Thank you for posting another excellent comment over on mine, dear friend, and have a wonderful evening in Tennessee!

Nova said...

Looks funny and I like the dragon popping out of the roof.

Greetings to you

Carol Blackburn said...

I want to they have any children, and what do they look like? Sounds like a fun house.

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

How fun Cindy!!
It's always good to have our camera ready to capture the whimsical moments!!

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Not an ordinary house! Fun moments for people passing by.

Mining for Diamonds said...

Ha ha! I was just gushing about Turkey Creek on Clint's blog the other day. I remember that place well. Shopper's paradise!!!
I don't remember this house, though! Only in TN! I'm surprised the spaceship isn't UT orange...

Karen Kyle Ericson said...

hahaha! I love this house. He might be a computer gamer. It's a bit like World of Warcraft. As far as jealousy- I think it's a good thing in moderation. It keeps us on our toes in our marriages. Nice post. I really enjoy your blog Cindy.

RonJoeWhite said...

And I thought all the weirdos lived in California! :-)

Crystal Mary said...

Love the pictures, what a treat, would be that there were more happy weird people in the world.. I loved it that you shook Clint up a bit by seeing that old boy friend in the car beside you...LoL...Life is magic and we need a little spice from time to time...
(harmless of course).
I am writing about what an excellent artist you are in my new Blog today. Hope you don't mind!
I pray you do wonderfully well living in back Knoxville.. Hugs Crystal

Crown of Beauty said...

Dear Cindy,

The last post I read was your May 8 entry, so
I spent the past half hour reading your recent posts. Your posts are so well written, and the pictures you post are interesting.

A flying saucer... a giraffe head sticking out of the roof.. wow, the owner sure is creative and imaginative!

I was amused to read about the old boyfriend story since I also happened to read about it a few days back on Clint's blog. What a different perspective one gets after reading your side of it.

Cindy, I also loved reading your seven recent reflections... and the wringer story as well.

Wishing you all the best on your Sunday, Cindy.


Emma said...

What a cute story Cindy, I agree with Shady, a little jealously is ok, as long as that's all it is! ;)

Emma x