Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day and Other Thoughts

The rhododendron yesterday outside the facility where
my mother lives.  I always enjoyed seeing this
flowering plant in the Smoky Mountains.

A pencil portrait of my mom that I
drew last fall from a 1950s photo. (I had to use this one
that was not cropped, somehow my pictures
have disappeared from my computer)

Happy Mother's Day,  Mom!
It was so good to see you yesterday

I wanted 'green' in my backyard,
I got 'green' in my backyard.

I accomplished a goal today, my 'guest column'
was published in the Sunday edition of The Dallas Morning News.

Not being able to post  a link to it with out subscribing, I couldn't help
but share this photo from my screen this morning.  I was only
able to read two lines from  it.  A couple of
friends are going to mail me copies.


Clint said...

And happy Mother's Day to you, fair maiden. Pretty impressive---a guest column in the Dallas Morning News! And based on a true story, at that!

Shady Del Knight said...

Congratulations to you, dear Cindy! I'm so glad you got the chance to share that interesting story with a larger audience! The sketch of your mother is wonderful. I can see where you got your good looks. That's an awesome green wilderness behind your house. You're arriving at just the right time of year to get out there and enjoy it. Happy Mother's day to you, dear friend!

Crown of Beauty said...

Dear Cindy,
I had not visited your blog in many days thinking you were still busy... and what a delight when I hopped over here to see that there were already several posts for May!

Lovely pictures, lovely posts.

I loved the rhododendrons. The pencil portrait is awesome. The greens in your backyard are something to live for!

Congrats on your column... and congrats on your blog award. I should be passing on a few to you in the weeks ahead.

Happy Mother's Day to you, Cindy.


Crystal Mary said...

Congratulations dear sweet Cindy on the Dallas Newspaper feature. Your mothers drawing is very impressive, what a great gift of insight you have. Happy Mothers Day.. and I pray life is good to you both in your new home. Blessings Crystal Mary Lindsey, and my Ray.

Shelley Whiting said...

I love the portrait of your mother. It is very lifelike and shows her incredible spirit.