Monday, May 2, 2011

The Past Week

What I'd like to do ... sit and relax in the sun.

Here are some more photos of original art from my
mother-in-law's retirement village.

A common scene in Tennessee.

Some more original art from my mother-in-law's
retirement village.

What a week it has been.  We moved out on Monday.  I have never been hospitalized or been to the ER but the closest I've ever come occurred last Monday. It was just an accumulation of factors ... and it was very hot and humid.  After I felt a little better, Clint felt sick and he said he was going to the car parked in the driveway and for me to help finish with the movers and sign the papers.  He had no where to sit inside but he could sit in the car with the AC running.  We couldn't run the AC inside with all the doors open for the movers.  I was very concerned about Clint but he began to feel better.  Our angel neighbor Sandy just happened to appear, she brought even more snacks and two fold out chair for us to use. Those chairs were a life saver.  Thanks again, Sandy.

On Tuesday morning, we were at the house to let in the house cleaners.  We stayed in a local hotel the previous night.  We were very pleased with the cleaning and what happened next is hard to believe. We knew a few days in advance that after the house was cleaned, our realtor had scheduled the installation of 19 new windows!  Needless to say, we had to go over the house again.

Wednesday was the closing on the house and we spent Wednesday night in Ruston, LA.  Clint and I drove separately and then headed to Atlanta to visit his mom, our house in Knoxville was to close this morning, May 2nd.  We had a good visit with Clint's mom.  Friday afternoon we went to an art show at her complex.  Friday evening was the trivia contest, we had to draw numbers and were assigned a table.  The residents take this contest quite seriously. Clint and I were at the same table and answered a few questions correctly.  (Who was cast by Roger Vadim in God Created Woman? Bridgett Bardot)

Saturday morning we met some of Clint's mom's friends at breakfast, she and her friends meet every Saturday morning in the dining room for breakfast.  Saturday evening there was a buffet in the dining room and Clint and I have decided it was one of the best we'd ever experienced.  Below are some photos.

We drove over a thousand miles, I had a few close calls.  We saw some of the damage in Alabama.  I was about the third car behind one of those automobile carriers on the interstate.  I don't know what happened but it lose control and there was tremendous smoke from the tires on the pavement. It was a miracle that the driver regained control without a chain reaction.

Yesterday we arrived in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, safely and thankfully.  We had the walk through at our new house this morning at 8:00 and the signing at 9:00.  We met the sellers and visited with them, they helped us by answering questions about certain services we needed. We have been on the phone and got a lot accomplished.  Tomorrow we go back to the new house and await the arrival of the moving van in the morning. We hope this is the last move we ever have to make!

I am looking forward to catching my breath and visiting your blogs,  I have been sooo behind.

The Rose Table at the village, the residents check out
this table near the post office to see who is no longer with them.


Franz said...

Great paintings and great photos, busy week for you!
I hope that now will be better!
Hugs to you and Clint!


Shady Del Knight said...

You have been missed, Cindy. It must have been a grueling week for you with tons of red tape, illness, stress, tornadoes and long distance driving. The worst of it is behind you now and I hope you will enjoy the process of moving in and getting settled. My thoughts and prayers have been with you!

Karen Kyle Ericson said...

So glad you two are ok and safe. Thanks for letting us know! Love the paintings :)

Cindy Ellison said...

Thank you Franz, Shady and Karen! After I posted this blog, I have been trying to visit your blogs and leave comments. I can not listen to Youtube videos, I'm getting an "error message", this Hampton Inn internet service is giving me problems. Clint's computer has serious problems, he has gone to the lobby to try and check his email and blog. Just wanted you all to know I will hopefully be back soon.

Kathy Farmer said...

Welcome home, Cindy. I'm so glad to hear you and Clint made the journey safely.

Sara G said...

Nice spread and looks so yummy! Happy you are doing better. Think about you both during this time and can't wait to hear more! Sending hugs!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your back in the blog business! So thankful you made it to Tennessee. I know how tired you must be, hope you can get some rest soon. Remember you don'd have to put everything away at once, take your time & relax a little you deserve it. I'll be checking in on you .
Miss you . Love Ginny

Patrina's Pencil said...

Just breathe!! Glad you are there - and safe - take care of yourself.

Shady Del Knight said...

Your credit's good with me for a long, long time, Cindy. You are the most conscientious of all my blog friends and I thank you for the explanation.

Patti said...

love you ((( Cindy )))

Sabine said...

Cindy, take good care of you.
Greetings Sabine

AVY said...
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