Friday, May 27, 2011

Thursday's Adventure

The 113 year old smile!  This was used in
cosmotology classes in 1898, a room of these wax heads was discovered
at least 35 years ago in NYC.  The shop owner said
she had kept this one in her salon for 34 years until
she retired.

Yesterday Clint and I went in search of a side board/buffet/server to go with a dining room table and chairs that
we had ordered.  We went in many local antique stores, I admit I was beginning to sweat.
It was not looking good that we were going to find anything and  here we had already paid for
a dining room table and chairs.

Like the sunlight through these colored bottles

Her lipstick matches her hard hat.

♪ ♫  Where's This Place Called Lonely Street?  ♫ ♪

 Things have sure changed in downtown Clinton,
I can remember years ago all the traffic on this street.

Clint was freaked out when he walked into
a dark room in one antique store and
this bird started flying! 

It's Alive!  I hope it was captured  and released outside soon
after we saw it.


YOU RAT!  I turn my back on you for five minutes .... ;~D

I wondered why you were so quiet!

Here comes the brides

Mission accomplished!  I could not believe we found
one we liked at the last antique store in town, in the
basement in a corner.

The shop owner said she thought it was turn-of-the-century.
I really liked the look of the burled wood and the
hanging drawer pulls.

It's gonna be delivered on Tuesday.  Whew!


Clint said...

Yes indeedy!---it was a great adventure, walking for hours and taking in all the antique shops....sorry I got caught with that hussy, but I thought you were out of the room.

Shady Del Knight said...

I'll be honest with you, Cindy. They couldn't pay me enough to get me to sleep in a room filled with wax heads! (LOL)

It's fascinating to trace the ever changing standards of beauty. The geometric symmetry of facial features is the one key element that has remained constant over time, but many other characteristics have changed and, in some cases, changed back again in the midst of the current retro craze. Body types that have been favored in different places at different times include soft and curvy (Rubenesque); tall, lean and athletic (amazonian); short and proportionate (petite). Different decades have seen the rise and fall in the popularity of big hair and short hair; long, straight tresses and wavy or curly styles; tanned skin vs. pale, gothic skin; little or no make-up vs. full, glamour make-up. In the end, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The advice I give to women is to present yourself in a way that pleases you and makes you feel comfortable. It's like blogging or anything else. There will always be somebody who "buys what you're selling", someone who appreciates exactly what you're doing and wouldn't change a thing. If you're lucky, you will identify other essential areas of compatibility, making it possible for that person to become a life partner. It's a long shot, because the first thing most married couples do is to try to change each other!

It must have been very satisfying for you and Clint to find that perfect piece of furniture at the very last store. It will be "mission accomplished" when it arrives safely at your home!

Sabine said...

Nice Post Cindy, that makes me smile.
Have a nice weekend.
Greetings Sabine

Karen Kyle Ericson said...

Love these photos! But the beauty school wax head is a little scarey... That nose! Yikes! And Clint... fer shame fer shame. hahaha

Fun post!

Carol Blackburn said...

Nice photo journalism today, Cindy. Glad you found your sideboard. See, it was waiting for you. Those corpse brides look like a mob just waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting groom.

Cindy Ellison said...

You all have me laughing! First, there is Shady being creeped out about possibly sleeping in a room full of wax heads. :-) Karen talks about "that nose", not only is 'that nose' scary, what about the poor overbite on this 113 year old woman! Carol has me laughing about the headless brides looking like they are about to pounce on an unsuspecting groom. May we not forget the black bird that flew over Clint in the antique store. I am glad Sabine can smile at all this, it is hilarious! Yikes! We sure did have an adventure yesterday after all.

Shady, you covered years of style and culture which was very interesting reading. You are so right, we each should strive to just be ourselves and be satisfied with our lives. Also, you are so right on another matter, the sideboard purchase is not a mission accomplished until it is delivered intact with no damage. Why didn't I think of that? :-) Thank you for sharing all this!

Happy Memorial Day to Shady, Sabine, Karen and Carol! Thanks so much for your visits, it was fun!

P.S. Clint, you sound like a politician, you were not sorry until you were caught! LOL

Shady Del Knight said...

I'm sure that Clint takes "full responsibility" for his actions! (LOL)

Clint said...

Yes, Clint accepts full responsibility for his actions and asks that his privacy be respected at this difficult time so the healing process can begin.


(Cindy posting from Clint's computer, still having "comments" problems on my computer)

Crown of Beauty said...

The post was so much fun to read, and so were the comments.

Truth is, I think wax statues are creepy. Yes, the "113 year old overbite" was scary, now that you mention it.

Congratulations on your beautiful find. I sure am glad you found it at the last stop. What a disappointment if you hadn't.

I deeply appreciated your post about looking back. The pictures you took of your empty home in Plana gave me such a nostalgic feeling. You are so right in saying that we have to move on when we enter a new season in our life. Seasons come, and seasons go. ANd each season has an important part to play in our lives.

But also, for that reason... that the past seasons of our lives bring valuable lessons and opportunities to change, I believe that there is a healthy looking back required for us to move forward.

It is the unhealthy attachment to a past season that hinders our forward movement.

I loved the post you did about the empty house.

Really, ever since I discovered your blog, I make it a point to visit once a week and read the recent entries. Every post is really a work of art.

Blessings on your weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hi cindy, That wax head was indeed interesting. I'm glad I didn't have to work on one when I was in beauty collage. I'm glad your back, I guess your more settled by now. Just wanted you to know I'm checking in on you every day. I may not always comment but I'm watching.

Love you, Ginny

Crystal Mary said...

Hiya Cindy, My that wax figure is so real and almost more perfect than a real person. I love your photos also..Looks like you are settling in and having fun. WOW, I would love to see all this in person. SO GREAT!!
Hey you mentioned Catherine Cookson on my Blog, I am a great fan of her's, and most of her books are rather sad. You would also like Victoria Holt and Jean Plaidy...same person actually,and wonderful historical romance writer.. I also loved Sergeanne Golon, a male and female together who wrote all the Angelique books...French Historial's... I used to drown in those books. I am a romantic, married to a non romantic. I tease him shockingly and he doesn't know how to respond, but he comes back for more... LOL..
He is trying to learn to be a mad Ozzie.
Oh I think you and I have much in common. Isn't it beautiful to meet via these Blogs.. God is so good. Love Crystal xx

Nova said...

What a crazy and also beautiful antique store. Must be a great place to sneek around, and I love your new side board!! Great catch.

Have a beautiful sunday and greetings to you and Clint

Shady Del Knight said...

Cindy - Just look at the explosion of activity on your blog! You must be doing something right, my friend. I happen to know what that something is. It's actually a combination of things that set you apart from ordinary bloggers and ordinary friends.

At your earliest convenience please swing by my blog. In my new post I have tagged you, given you another blog award, and profiled you. If you're slammed and don't have time to follow the rules of the awards please don't be concerned. Just accept and enjoy them knowing how much I admire you. To me you're #1 with a bullet!

Emma said...

Wow, that wax mannequin is creepy! Lovely find with your piece of furniture Cindy! It's a pity you couldn't fly over to my area of Dublin to go shopping, I live in the antiques quarter! Thank you for your lovely words on my film style post, you are so encouraging to my little project and I really appreciate it! Hope your decorating is going well :)

Emma x

Bitch said...

I am glad too, Cindy, that you found what you
where looking for...
For a long time I could not send any comments to nobody!
But I was reading about the love post from Clint...
It is very rare to find such feelings between a couple these days...
Love from Greece to both of you