Friday, May 6, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

Recently my fellow blogger friend Emma from Ol' Green Eyes awarded me The Versatile Blogger AwardEmma is a very talented young woman whom I find  very wise for her age.  The photos on her blog are breathtakingly beautiful and so is Emma. I enjoy reading about her life in Ireland and I think you will, too.

As part  of the award 'rules', I am to list seven things about myself that many people may not know:
  1. I can not sing
  2. I can not sew but I monogramed (by hand) the cuff of Jerry Lee Lewis' shirt.
  3. It appears I have some skills as a markswoman. 
  4. I have had the experience of being deserted on an island alone. (not kiddin'!)
  5. While living in Dallas, I won First Place in the Dallas Morning News Holiday Cookie Contest.
  6. I met my future husband Clint on AOL as a pen pal.
  7. This Sunday I am going to have a guest column in the Dallas Morning News. I am very excited about this and will write more later about it.


Karen Kyle Ericson said...

Congrats Cindy! You deserve it! Your blog is very versatile and always interesting. Enjoy!

Shady Del Knight said...

Great balls of fire! You are a woman of many talents, Cindy. Some day you must flesh out that story involving "The Killer." Did your handiwork leave him BREATH-uh-luss? I also would like to learn more about how you came to be deserted on an island. Were you voted off by other tribe members? (LOL) Congratulations on being featured in the Dallas News. You are one remarkable woman, Cindy! (P.S. - I'm going to be giving you this same award very soon. I already knew that Emma gave it to you and I don't expect you to list 7 more things. There's no way I could skip over your name for this award because I can't think of a more versatile blogger than you!)

Emma said...

Thanks you so much for your kind words Cindy! I must admit I love these kinds of posts where I get to learn things I never knew about my fellow bloggers. Some VERY interesting facts about you Cindy :)
I agree with Shady, you're definitely one of the most Versatile Bloggers I know!

Emma x

Nova said...

Congratulation Cindy, you and your blog deserves it.

and all the best for Sunday, you will make it!!