Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Rare Day in June

And what is so rare as a day in June?

Me being able to spend a time with family.

My sister, Patti, and I drove by the river yesterday
morning on our way to our aunt's house.  It has been so
long since I have seen the fog on this river.

Yesterday morning I picked up my sister, Patti, and we drove to my aunt's house to pick out old photographs of our family.  My aunt passed away a few weeks ago and as I have written before, my brother, sister and I were "her kids". She didn't have any biological children of her own.  She had so many photo albums that we went through. Talking about memories, we sure stired them up yesterday.  Patti and I were very happy to have our old photographs.

Hundreds of family photos ...
my own life in photos.

My family and life in pictures ... three pounds worth
in a ziplock bag.

Can you imagine writing a blog about what's really happening in your life?  The things that might keep one up at night?  I can only imagine the response from my readers if I were to write what's really happening in my life.  Knowing my sweet and caring readers, they would be supportive!


Sara G said...

Sending hugs to you! I'm glad to read that you got time to spend with your sister. While the circumstance is not always happy, photos are a wonderful way to have memories.
As far as sharing "real life" on a blog, I find at times I have a hard time sharing what really goes on but as I have found that most commentators have been very supportive and caring. So far..
I'm always wanting to be real and honest. Life is hard but thankful that God is our refuge and strength!

Shady Del Knight said...

I was very lucky to have a photography buff for a father. My dad took thousands of family pictures over the years and filled at least a dozen albums before converting to slides. When my father died ten years ago my nephew took possession of the slide collection and several of the albums. I have only two albums of memories but I am thankful for them. If I ever wanted to create a new blog about the early years of Tom Anderson I'd have plenty of photos for illustration; but because the Shady Dell and the music of the period are the stars of my current blog I am content to let Shady Del Knight serve as the master of ceremonies. To me Shady Del Knight represents all Dell rats, the living and the dead. He embodies the enduring spirit of the Dell.

Just about anything goes in blogging, Cindy. There are few rules, certainly none that I know of that require us to reveal personal or intimate details about our daily lives. However, if it's something that you feel the need to do and you think it would help you then I urge you to express yourself freely. You have a fine group of followers who really care. I venture to say that every one of us would like nothing better than to offer you our love, support and advice if you want it and need it. It's entirely up to you, dear friend.

Clint said...

This post begs the question---"What don't we blog about"? Of course we wouldn't write about something that would hurt someone's feelings...and we wouldn't ordinarily want to offend anyone...and of course there are things we would consider too personal to blog about.

Hey!---what a great blog idea!

Karen Kyle Ericson said...

God bless you Cindy. My Mom passed away a few months ago and thankfully my brother's cancer has disappeared from radiation treatments- we're waiting to see if he can have a liver transplant. I have a big box of photos of our family history in my office. From back when my Grandma was a young mother. They are black & white and I need to restore them on my computer. Who knows maybe I can come up with a portfolio and earn some money restoring photos. : ) The funny thing is we all feel so alone, but we have so very much in common. Thanks for sharing this- I'm sure there are others struggling too that you may have blessed besides me. /hugs

SweetMother ;) said...

It is such a great blessing to get to spend time with family, isn't it? And all 3 pounds of those photographs will be fun to sort through :)
I've been contemplating writing about what's really going on in my life....and it's scary.

Sabine said...

Wonderful impressions! I love the tree in the fog.
Greetings Sabine

Crown of Beauty said...

The pictures you posted are beautiful, Cindy.

And I can surely understand how the pictures you came home with stirred up many Precious Memories, as the song goes.

I agree with Mr. Shady Del Knight, you can blog about anything you want... A blog is a valuable tool for self expression... to help articulate and verbalize "things" that would otherwise remain as unexpressed feelings and thoughts. It has often happened to me that while I was writing a post, I gained a new perspective on, or a fresh insight into what has been cluttering my mind.

You surely do have caring and supporting followers...


Shelly said...

Beautiful sentiments. I think sharing in a blog is kind of like taking off your clothes in public. Takes a lot of guts. You can go as surface or as deep as you choose. Ulitmately, though, the blog is for you, the author.
Blessings to you-

Miss Tami Lee said...

Hope all is well! And at least you were able to save all the old photographs :)