Thursday, July 14, 2011

As Silly As It Gets

Totally captivated by Marilyn Monroe as a child, not
only did I want to look like Marilyn Monroe, I wanted
to BE Marilyn Monroe!

The first major art award I won was of a portrait
I painted of Marilyn Monroe.  I won a top award
out of 660 entries.

Screen test of Marilyn Monroe for "Niagara".  1953

I will never forget  this conversation in the movie:

Hey Dear, why don't you wear a dress like that?

In order to wear a dress like that,  you have to start laying
out plans at the age of 13.

Being around the age of 13 when I first saw the movie,
I had no idea how I could begin "laying out plans" to
wear a "dress like that".

A scene of Marilyn Monroe in the movie "Niagara", 1953.  My mom
and I loved this movie and enjoyed watching it together.  Clint says
he has never seen the movie!  We will have to watch it together, soon!

 My hair was brown and I needed blonde hair to look like Marilyn Monroe.
The closest thing I had to "Marilyn" blonde hair was a fur wig
hat that was popular in the early 1960s.

Dear readers, I can hear your snickering all the way here in Tennessee!
To make matters worse, this  wig in the photo is of a much better quality
than I owned.  :-)

What an unusual picture I thought when I
saw this photo of Marilyn Monroe when I was very young.

 The wheels started turning ... actually spinning out of control!

The daydream of a wig wearin' 12 year old girl trying to hug a tree like Marilyn Monroe. 

Those shadows in the pictures were
probably those of my Aunt Billie, my sister Patti and/or my brother Jimbo.
They were usually an accessory to my "crimes" as I was to theirs.  :~D  ♥ XOX

We sure had lots of fun!


Clint said...

Gee---I wonder whatever happened to that wig! And---do you recall where that tree was that you lavished your affections upon? Is it still there? Can we get a pic of you today re-hugging that lucky tree?

On my next birthday, I wanna hear you sing, "Happy birthday, mister Ellison..."

Shady Del Knight said...

You're blogging up a storm, Cindy! (Maybe that's a poor choice of words :) I guess you could say that young Shady was obsessed with Marilyn, too. (What were the chances of that? :) The house in which I grew up had a large subterranean game room. My parents used it to entertain guests and hold parties. They (my dad) bought a full length life size poster of Marilyn Monroe clad in a skimpy swimsuit and it was always on display down there. I remember the buzz surrounding the Seven Year Itch when it was released in theaters. The scene in which Marilyn reveals that she keeps her undies in the ice box in summertime raised some eyebrows in the mid 50s. The other movie of hers that made quite an impression on me was Some Like it Hot in 1959. It's hard to believe that Tony Curtis couldn't stand working with Marilyn in that film and that his prolonged love scenes with her were torture for him. (Hey, Tony - I would gladly have served as your stunt double and for HALF your salary. Why didn't you call me?) Over the years I saw most of Marilyn's movies including The Asphalt Jungle, All About Eve, Home Town Story, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, How to Marry a Millionaire, Bus Stop, Niagara, River of No Return, Let's Make Love and The Misfits. Although Marilyn was admired by the vast majority of men she was hated by many women. My mother called her a tramp. My mother also called Liz Taylor a tramp. My mother had issues with women who appeared to be trading on their looks. If Eleanor Roosevelt had become an actress it would have suited my mother just fine! I think Marilyn was actually the opposite of the ditzy blonde she often played. They say it takes a lot of intelligence to play dumb. Marilyn was childlike is many ways but she was also complex and a talented actress and singer.

kelli said...

oh, i didn't know marilyn was a tree-hugger!=)

Franz said...

Niagara is a beautiful film,Marilyn a beautiful woman !!!

Ciao Cindy!!

Nova said...

Your are right....I was snickering and waiting for the foto ;-)

Great shot, and you did quite well.

Greetings and hugs

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy,
Happy Birthday to you, Cindy and to your husband, Clint!!
I am sorry for the belated birthday wishes, but I am not Online every day.
I am Poet Starry Dawn. Anyway, I follow your amazing blog. I love it!! I was reading your last reply to my previous comment. Now, I tell you about OIL PAINTINGS. My grandfather died in 1927. He was an Artistic Painter, and he also established his own School of Art Overseas, where he met my grandmother and had their 4 children. My mom was their youngest baby. My grandfather was Swiss, but he studied Art at the School of Art in Brera, Milano, Northern Italy. He moved Overseas as an Immigrant. He opened up his own Academy of Art. He painted many portraits, and other sort of oil paintings and sold them for lots of money. In those old days, folks rarely took photos, so portraits were very famous in the 1800's and more back in time. My grandfather was very wealthy at that time in 1913 or so, when he married my dear granny. My granny was Genovese, from Genoa, Northern Italy. They spoke Italian at home. Unfortunately, when my grandfather, the father of my dear mother, died in 1927, my mom was only 2 years old, born in 1925, he left my granny and her children in poverty. My mom, who was a baby, was sent to live with her grandparents, the parents and siblings (brothers and sisters) of her mother, my grandmother. My dear mom had everlasting scars in her soul for not being raised by her mother and father. My poor mom had psychological troubles most of her life. Then, she was killed by malpractice in 1989. She was very young, only 60 years old. My mom had only me, just one daughter. I left her to got to New York when I was 22. I broke her heart, and I regret to have done that, so I miss her so dearly...
About my grandfather, he died of liver poisoning. He inhaled the toxic ingredients of oil paintings during all his short life. He died at the age of 47. He worked without a mask for protection, leaving behind his wife and his 4 children. At that time in 1927, women did not work. So, my gradmom was left in poverty. My uncles and older daughter, her 2 sons and her older daughter, had to work at a young age to support their mother. My dear mom, the baby, was left in a Foster Home with her grandparents, aunts and uncles until the age of 18 when my mom met my father. Then, she left their house to move back with her own mother. Then, she married my father at the age of 22. I shall soon post pictures of my grandfather painting his oil paintings, and the collection of his Art Paintings on the wall of his house. I'll also post old pictures of my grandparents at The School of Art. My granny kept those old photos for the family. When they old passed away, these memories were left for me as a precious treasure of my ancestors. Well, about Marilyn Monroe...
My dear mom loved her so much!! I love Marilyn too!! I watched all her movies, and I still do. A few weeks ago, Doctor Paul (my hubby) and I watched on TV, her movie, The Misfits. Marilyn was a wonderful and a gorgeous actress. I have admired her all my life. I adore her personal and unique style that nobody could have ever achieved. Marilyn was so special. I admire talents in all forms!! I admire beauty, life, animals, natural environments and everything that is good. The family of my dear father were Musicians and Opera Soprano Singers. So, in both sides of my family, there are ARTISTS. I am only a Poet, Writer, Song-Writer, and Composer. Now, I am looking for a job, since I have been volunteering my work for so many years. It is about time to get a paid job, Cindy. Please, pray for me. I have a good job possibility, if that is God's will. Well, I have written a book so far. Great posts, you always share, Cindy sweetheart!! I call my daughter Sissy. God bless you, and all those you love, Cindy!!
In God's Garden,
Poet Starry Dawn. (My Poetry Blog is...)

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy,
It's Starry back again...
I made a few spelling mistakes in my previous post. Sorry, I hope you forgive me, dear.
I meant, my granny had 4 children, 2 sons and 2 daughters. Her baby child was my mother. My granny's other children were my 2 uncles and my aunt. The only sister of my mother killed herself at a young age. She stood still in front of a passing train. Nobody ever knew why she did that. Maybe, she was so very depressed. It was so sad!! I never met her...
Some people hold many tragedies in their lives.
Thank you, sweet Cindy for sharing your artistic talents with the world!! I am looking forward to seeing your work of art in the future. I love TN!!
God may bless you all!!
Poet Starry Dawn.

Crystal Mary said...

Hi Cindy, My daughter Daniella also wanted to be Marilyn Monroe, but I am sure, noone would have wanted her heart ache.. You are beautiful and special just as you are Cindy.. And Clint and God love you because of your uniqueness.
Love Crystal xx

Anonymous said...

Dear Cindy,
Yes, I agree with Crystal Mary!!
You don't have to be like Marilyn Monroe to be beautiful. You are so very beautiful yourself, sweet Cindy. You've got a perfect face with blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes, dear.
We love you!!
Poet Starry Dawn.

Cindy Ellison said...

Dear Shady, Kelli, Franz, Petra, Poet Starry Dawn and Crystal Mary ... once again I ask for your forgiveness for not getting back to you sooner. I've been burning my candle at both ends but not the partying kind of burning by any means! :~)

Shady, I appreciated what you wrote about Marilyn Monroe. My dad, too, in his later years had the game room/(pool table)/party room in a basement. Interesting about your dad having the full length poster of Marilyn Monroe. I remember my dad having the MM calendar and a silk tie that had the famous calendar image printed inside it. I Googled that tie not long ago and could find nothing on it but I do remember it. "Funny" how some women are intimidated by beautiful women. Sometimes I tell other women how beautiful they are to me. I sincerely mean it. You made me smile when you mentioned Eleanor Roosevelt ... sad but it is the truth, sorry if this sounds harsh but I do think there is a lot of truth in it: Thinking of the movie title, "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", I have to say you wouldn't see a movie titled "Gentlemen Prefer Grays". ;-/ I was also reminded by my mother during the Debbie/Eddie/Liz scandal of how bad Liz was, actually this same kind of event was happening in our very own family! (My mother was "Debbie") Years later my mom would say Elizabeth Taylor's name in an affectionate way, she would remind us "Elizabeth Taylor and I were born the same year". ;-) (1932) I still need to see The Asphalt Jungle and Hometown Story, those sound interesting. I always wondered if Marilyn married Arthur Miller to appear more intellectual to the world. I agree with you, Shady, I think she had a lot more depth than was recognized in her, by the public. Such good comments and information, Shady! ThAnK yOu!

Kelli- you are funny! Marilyn must have been the first tree-hugger! Would you believe that old tree I hugged in the picture is still standing, barely, but we are concerned it could do some damage, the picture was made in my grandparent's yard next door. Hope you are having a good Monday, Kelli! Thank you for visiting my blog.

Franz - It was so nice to see you Franz, thank you for stopping by mine. Wow, this morning I saw that you had 86 comments! You are popular! I loved your latest painting, I loved the way you did the bridge and the reflections. Reflections are not easy as I am sure you know! :-) Take care and thank you. Happy Painting! ☺

Petra, I was happy to know you were snickering, too! That was a pathetic picture of me. One of my Facebook friends wrote that she had a black fake fur wig. One can only imagine how that would have looked, okay for the fake fur look but don't think it can be passed off as real hair. (I thought mine looked natural! What a joke!) Take care Petra, hope your Monday is going well. Thank you!

Crystal Mary, how good it was to see you on my blog. I have been thinking of you and remembering you in my prayers. What you wrote is understandable, that Daniella being a young girl would want to be Marilyn Monroe. We see those perfect images and of course we want to be like that perfect beautiful person, especially in our youth. When I wrote that I wanted to be her, I thought later how thankful I am that I was NOT her. Thank you, Crystal Mary, please keep us posted!

Poet Starry Dawn - Hi there! I want to Google the school where your grandfather studied before I write you a comment on here. Thank you so much for your comments and thoughts. Back to you later...take care. Cindy ♥

Cindy Ellison said...

Poet Starry Dawn - Hope your Monday is a good one! Thank you again for sharing some of your family history! What an amazing story you have to tell about your family. I am sorry to read about your mom passing away in 1989 as a result of malpractice. I think we all have some guilt regarding our mothers. When I read that you felt you broke your mother's heart when you left, I am sure your mother really missed you and you her but I can't help but think in her heart she must have been proud of you that you were independent enough to head out for New York City at the age of 22 years. I know the pain of missing mothers when we live far away from them. I hope you are feeling much better about this now. I also know there will be some pain associated with losing our mothers that will always be with us.

I looked up the Brera Academy of Art, it has to be one of the greatest art schools in the world! I am truly anxious to see photos of him made while he was attending the school. Your entire family were such creative people, in art and music. You have this talent, too! Can't wait to see his portraits, too! This morning I said a prayer for you concerning the job that you want. I will continue to be praying for you, that it works out for you.

Starry Dawn, you said you have written a book, if it was not about your family, one about your family would be fantastic! Please keep us informed about what is going on in your life. Thank you again for your sweet words and for taking the time to read my blog. Please don't worry about any mispelled words, you will sure find them in my post!

P.S. Did I even spell "mispell" correctly? One "s" or two? :-)