Friday, July 22, 2011

A Foggy Friday Morning

I missed misty mornings of Tennessee when I lived in Texas.  Fog was rare there.  It seems strange
to find fog rare but that's what happens when you rarely see
something for years. 

Another rarity in Texas was rain.  I made the statement after the drought
conditions and water restrictions there, I would never complain again
about rain.  I haven't.

Tuesday the sun was shining brightly as it was pouring down rain.  I was in a store and
just knew there had to be a rainbow somewhere.  The conditions were perfect for
the creation of a rainbow.  On my way home there was no rainbow to be found in any direction!  It was
okay because when I pulled into our drive way, above me was what I call
one of those beloved "silver lined clouds". 

Last Sunday morning Clint announced, "Let's go to Gatlinburg!"

I agreed, "Let's Go"!  This kudzu lined hill is such a familiar spot
on Chapman Highway, the road we traveled to Gatlinburg.

Frightening how that plant can consume the landscape!  The world!

I love it when we top the hill and ahead lies Sevierville, there's
those hazy blue Smoky Mountains.

Does anyone get the idea I love clouds?  :~D

Downtown Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Caught you again, Clint!  A woman holding a .38 special is
no match for me!   (Note pistol in her right hand) 

The taffy being made in one of the well known candy stores.  My favorite
"candy" is the caramel apple with chopped peanuts.  No, I passed on one.

Clint has not been to Dollywood.  We may go in the fall. Dolly sang
in Knoxville Saturday night.  Her first time singing in Knoxville
in over 25 years.

My dreams homes that can be seen on the hilltops from
the streets of Gatlinburg.  Have you ever wanted something so
badly and no matter how hard you tried, you just couldn't make it
happen?  How I did try to live in Gatlinburg and the nearby areas.

After many frustrations, two years and tears, I came to the realization it was not
going to happen.  The most amazing aspect was I ended up very happy
that it didn't happen.  It was a blessing it didn't happen.

Later I will probably have to share one of my Gatlinburg house
hunting stories.

I snapped this picture from inside the house as the firetrucks
were leaving Sunday night.
Sunday evening after our Gatlinburg trip, I smelled what I thought to be
natural gas.  Clint said he had smelled it a couple of times earlier in the week.  I called the
KUB (Knoxville Utilities Board) customer service number, did the prompts for "gas leaks" and got
no answer after repeated attempts.  I ended up having to call 911 who then transferred
my call to the local fire department.  They came right away (sirens) and could detect no leaks.  Clint and I had
to go to Walmart late that night and buy a gas/carbon monoxide detector. 

The next morning I was able to contact KUB and a guy came and could find no leaks.  We
are thinking now our hot water smells "funny".   It's not good that I could not reach
KUB at a time when I thought we might have had a  potential emergency.

Intriguing new book I am reading.  After reading two
different reviews of this book, I decided I had to read it.  Imagine
one day every injury/pain/etc. is suddenly lit up with a glowing light. I won't
bore you with a book review (you're welcome :-)  but so far
I am enjoying this novel.

♫ On the road again, just can't wait to get on the road again ... ♫  We are heading out for the Atlanta area this morning to visit Clint's mom.  It's going to be so good to just get away for a few days.  I hope to have some time there to read my book and draw.  We are attending a "Vegas Night" event at her retirement village, I hope there is an Elvis impersonator.  I like Elvis impersonators.  (Clint cringes when I say this :~D )

Get some class, Clint!


Clint said...

You lead an interesting, action-packed life. And all because you are married to me, you lucky girl! hee hee.

Cindy Ellison said...

Yep, sure do! What do you hear me often say, "I love the way you go along with my harebrained ideas!" snicker snicker

Yes, we truly are lucky to have found each other!

Shady Del Knight said...

Question, Cindy: when it comes to Elvis impersonators, do you prefer the young Elvis or the jumpsuit Elvis? I remember Dolly Parton best for her many appearances on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. She always baited Johnny with "titillating' remarks knowing that he would fire back with a few of his classic zingers. She was always a good sport and one of the best guests that show ever had.

After living on this flat, boring Florida peninsula for more than a quarter of a century I miss hills and mountains like the beautiful ones shown here and like the Poconos back home. I also miss deep, fluffy snow. My blog friends in the British Isles are having a fit this summer because they've endured a tremendous amount of cool, rainy, dreary weather. To me that kind of weather sounds great because Florida faces a chronic annual drought, water use restrictions, brush fires and blistering heat. Rain is a welcome commodity here as long as it's not delivered by a hurricane.

I notice that Clint seems to have a thing for mannequins, Cindy. May I suggest that you lock up that century old wax head of yours? (LOL)

Have a wonderful weekend, my dear sweet friend!

Nova said...

Over here, in the north part of the Island there is a lot of fog. It comes and goes very quick, and and if there was a fog horn, then one would immediately think of the movie "The Fog"

Have a beautiful weekend and greetings

SweetMother ;) said...

Yay for adventures! Gatlinburg and Sevierville stick out in my mind because it was on the fake snow that I took my first ski trip... which is odd since I was born & raised in the PNW... and on my first trip down the mountain I tumbled and broke my first bone--my right elbow! haha, my son still laughs at me for the quite animated trip I took tumbling down that mountain!!
Great memories and a beautiful area.

Cindy Ellison said...

Hi Shady, that is a good question about whether I preferred impersonators of a young Elvis or a 'jumpsuited' older Elvis'. I don't recall, seeing in person, anyone impersonating a younger Elvis. I can see how it would be easier for the impersonator to "hide" behind the white jumpsuit, dark glasses and black hair (wig most of the time). It would be easier to pass off as Elvis with these props. Stay tuned, there will be pictures of the Elvis impersonator that we did see! :-) BTW, loved Johnny and love Dolly!

I can see how you would miss the beautiful Poconos and the fluffy snow after living in Florida for more than a quarter century. I am looking forward to seeing some snow here. I see today it is to be 103 in Dallas! Glad we're here.

About you noticing Clint's "thing" for mannequinns, I told him what you said and he wanted me to give you the message that mannequinns are "easy" and there is no "rejection". Remember, his words not mine! ;~D Good thing that Clint never saw my beautiful 1940s department store mannequinn when he met me! Insert a big snicker here! Thank you Shady for the laughter when I read your comment!

Petra, I can't help but think I would love to hear the sound of the fog horn on foggy nights. Sounds romantic and mysterious to me. The island must be very beautiful where you live. It is always so good to see you, Petra, thank you!

Angela, you sure have some unforgettable memories of Gatlinburg. It's good you and your son can laugh about it now but at the time I am sure you both were scared to death. I hope you had no lasting pain or problems from your fall. It has been decades since I have been to the ski lodge. I love it up there in the winter, the lodge and Gatlinburg. I look forward to Clint and me spending some time there this winter. Hope you have a good week, thank you for stopping by, Angela. Thank you!