Monday, August 29, 2011

Highway Patrol

Broderick Crawford, starring as
Dan Mathews in "Highway Patrol".

A few months ago I ran across this old booklet based on the popular old TV series, "Highway Patrol". I am showing a few illustrations from the book, they are rather humorous to me. I loved this old program and can still remember the theme "song".  It was different seeing a gruff and older middle aged man instead of the "pretty boy" types for a change. A change I actually liked! 

The show was popular during its four years of first run syndication during the years of 1955-1959. 

Today there are hundreds of possible TVs shows/movies to watch but for some reason, I can't find a thing to watch!  Why is it I loved the old shows when we had only 2 or 3 channels?  Fuzzy black and white, too!

 Broderick Crawford was born in 1911 and died in 1986. 

More detail from this is pictured below ...


Dan left hungry but soon he had so many problems that
thoughts of breakfast were driven from his mind.

 [ Cindy's words, not Dan's ;~)   ]

Some good advice from "Dan" ... best part of video only lasts about 30 seconds, I promise!


Clint said...

Hey little lady!---what's a man gotta' do to get some dinner around here? Your stove ain't "on the blink", now is it? Hey, come on!---no service, no tip!" Heh heh.

Cindy Ellison said...

I knoooow you are kidding as much as I cook around here! You know that your favorite meat loaf was just taken out of the oven. Yeah, where's my tip?

Shady Del Knight said...

Your posts are great, Cindy, but I also enjoy the friendly sparring match between you and Clint here in the comments section! (LOL)

I watched Highway Patrol in the 50s when it was in first run. (Good thing it wasn't on opposite The Mickey Mouse Club or I would have missed Broderick Crawford's program. His mug didn't appeal to me quite as much as Annette's!)

I loved Broderick Crawford because he was a gruff, blunt, no nonsense type. Lee Marvin as Lt. Frank Ballinger on M Squad was a similar type and I watched that show, too.

Clint already called our attention to the expression "on the blink." I smiled at some of the other dated terminology used in the comic. Jenny walked to the drinking fountain to "draw" a glass of water. She must've been a waitress/artist! Jenny went to the kitchen and lit a cig. The concept of clean indoor air was still light years away. Jenny "stubbed" her cig and said "I'm sorry, mister." Do you remember how everybody in TV shows and movies called a strange man "mister" back in those days? The thing is that I never heard the word used that way in real life. Jenny wound the handle of the phone to call the operator. Hey, it took more effort but at least she got to talk to a real live person! (LOL)

Broderick Crawford gives a little public service announcement at the end of the episode on that video clip. That was common practice in the 50s. I remember Hopalong Cassidy urging kids to wash their hands and bathe frequently and use plenty of soap and water.

Another fun post, my dear friend!