Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sounds of August

Oops, there are only a few hours left of August and I almost didn't get my "Sounds of August" blog
posted.  I came up with this idea at the beginning of August, one evening when I stepped outside
on our deck. I remarked to Clint, "It sounds like August!" What a symphony!  I wonder how many critters/insects compose this orchestra?  I can't think of another month that has such a distinct sound.

A few weeks ago I ran across a verse by William Wordsworth and knew I had to include it in this blog.  The verse is from "Lines Written in Early Spring, 1888" :

I heard a thousand blended notes
While in a grove I sat reclined,
In that sweet mood when pleasant
Thoughts bring sad thoughts to the mind.

The scene this August morning from our front porch.
I was resting after my two miles and admiring the trees
silhouetted against the foggy layers in the background.

Sounds of August would have to include those of the county fair.  The county fair
was very important to our family.  This photo is of my grandmother, she was very active in the
fair.  My grandfather in his retirement years became the "Fair Manager".

My uncles played guitar at the Senior Citizen Day held each year at the fair.  There were competitions
for hog calling, jigg dancing, best decorated bonnet, etc. 

My grandmother tells the story of my brother entering his pet rabbit to be judged.  This paragraph is in the above article:

Dot laughs about the time her grandson entered his pet rabbit in the judging.  He won first place and the delighted little boy watched the judge put a blue ribbon on the cage.  Smiles turned to tears the next morning, though, when it was discovered that the rabbit had eaten the ribbon!  A kindly judge replaced it with another and all ended well.

My mother's Blue Ribbon chocolate fudge recipe.  This is a favorite
in my family and we had to have it every Christmas.

Terrible quaility of photo but am using it because
I couldn't find another one of my fair entries with ribbons.

I usually worked in the art entries at the fair.

The Fairest of the Fair.  I am number 8, number 14 was crowned
the Fairest!

My grandmother, grandfather and some cousins were featured in an Emmy Award winning series, The Heartland Series, that ran for years on WBIR in Knoxville, TN.  This series was hosted and produced by Bill Landry.  The episode that featured them was filmed where else but at the county fair!


Clint said...

Yes indeedy---there are many unmistakable sounds of August. I also like the smells of summer---the honeysuckle, mown hay, ballpark scents, and the smell of rain in the air.

Shady Del Knight said...

That's a lovely scene take from your front porch, Cindy! Summer was a much different experience when I lived in Pennsylvania. Locusts, "witch doctors", lightning bugs (fireflies) - they were all "fun" bugs. Down here in Florida bugs make life miserable because most of them either bite or sting. The York Interstate Fair gets underway in a week or so and I will be devoting at least four blog posts to my memories of it. The judges got it wrong, Cindy! YOU were and are the Fairest of the Fair. You look like Paris Hilton's prettier sister!

Karen Kyle Ericson said...

Beautiful post Cindy. I really enjoyed it!

Patti said...

as always ((( Cindy )))), simply beautiful ! :-)

Cindy Ellison said...

Shady, I had never heard locusts referred to as "witch doctors". I Googled it and could not find out the origin of this reference. Very interesting, I learned something! You are right, I had not thought of the Florida "bugs" mostly stinging and biting. Your York Interstate Fair blogs will be such fun to read. I have a feeling you might write about some of the musical acts that performed at these fairs. The "big" fair around here opens soon in Knoxville. I haven't been in years but we may go to this one. I like the old traditions of a county fair. Paris Hilton's older prettier sister; you are just too kind! As always, thank you for your visit, Shady!

Thank you, Karen! I have been so behind with so much goin' on around here, I need to hop over and see your latest wonderful work. Hope you are having some cooler days and enjoying this weather. ♥

Hi sweet Patti, hope things are going well with you. I need to check in with you and the others on the other "site" and see how everyone's doing. :-) BTW, your recent joke on FB was one of the best ever! ... left foot in.
Thank you, Patti, for stopping by, take care. ♥

Shady Del Knight said...

Dear Cindy - I need to correct two things. I listed locusts and witch doctors separately because they are different bugs. In Penna. we used the name "witch doctor" or "snake doctor" when referring to a dragonfly.

Also, I didn't write the word "older" when comparing you to Paris Hilton and describing you as prettier. You could beat her today in a beauty contest!

Thank you very much dear friend for the lovely comments you've been leaving on my blog lately. I think you appreciate the music I post more than anybody else does. You also seem to understand what's in my mind and heart when I write about things like my first dance. It means so much to have a friend who really gets me!

Cindy Ellison said...

Thank you for the update, Shady. I can remember in this area dragonflies were called "snake feeders". I would always be scared when I saw one, just knew a big old snake couldn't be far away. Again, thank you for your kind words and thoughts.