Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Beautiful Clouded Day

Wednesday my sister and I were driving by this scene
when I exclaimed,  "What a composition!"

More than a composition, it was such a beautiful scene to me.

There was one brown cow in the group.

My mother , before too long, will be residing right off the road
on the right of this photo.  This is so close
 to where we lived growing up.

The best news is my sister lives right off
this road, too, so close to my mother.
We all will be closer.

The morning started out very foggy and it was pouring rain.
Later in the afternoon, I can't recall when I have seen such
large billowy clouds against such a vivid blue sky.

At the top of the hill, overlooking the city and countryside,
is a cemetery.  I had forgotten the breath taking views from
this hill.

 You must not blame me if I do talk to the clouds.

                      ~Henry David Thoreau


Clint said...

Beautiful. How dreamy is it to stare with a blank mind at the clouds and dream? I think God must've given that capacity to us humanoids as a reward for being more highly developed than say, chipmunks.

Shady Del Knight said...

These are truly postcards from the edge, Cindy - the edge of paradise! It would surely lift my spirits to experience a fine, clear day with bright sunshine and lower humidity. Here in Florida I have a bad case of cabin fever from being trapped indoors since April with the a/c running. It will be a couple more months before the heat, humidity and haze are driven away by cool fronts and the milky sky turns blue. It brings me peace and joy to gaze at these pictures, especially the first one, the pastoral scene with bovine reclining in the shade of that beautiful tree. You should make paintings from these photographs because they are remarkably good compositions! I'm so glad to know that you, your mother and sister will be living a short distance away from each other making visits easier and more convenient for all. I hope that you have a safe and happy week ahead, dear Cindy!

Carol Blackburn said...

Beautiful shots, Cindy. Looks like a gorgeous day.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Cindy dear,
Awesome photos, awesome views of TN!!
I love TN!! It is my dream to go there.
It must be a real blessing from the Lord to have born and lived in gorgeous TN.
I was planning to buy a home in TN, but my hubby prefers Florida to retire.
Thank you for sharing, Cindy!!
Thank you also, for your warm birthday wishes on my way!! You are an awesome and beautiful friend. God keeps blessing you, and all your beloved ones!!
Best Regards,
Poet Starry Dawn.

Leontien said...

Those pictures (and yes the first on especially) are beautiful and it sure sounds like you had a great morning

Hope you have a great week

Cindy Ellison said...
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Cindy Ellison said...
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Cindy Ellison said...

Doing some tests, having trouble posting comments today. :~( Lost some comments on here, too.

Cindy Ellison said...

Shady ~ I feel for you having to run the a/c all the time to escape the oppressive Florida heat. Maybe soon it will begin to cool off a little. Our electric bill is about 40% of what it was in Texas. At night we have been opening the windows and it feels so good. Thank you for your compliments on the sky photos, I plan on doing a painting of the cows resting under the trees. I had forgotten about an oil painting needing to dry for six months before applying varnish, I may just do oil paintings for our house and use the water soluble oil paints for selling since they dry quicker. Stay cool and in the shade!

Carol ~ Thank you, Carol! Hope you are getting some new paintings done!

Starry Dawn ~ I have thought of you and hoping you are feeling much better. Hopefully during this time you will be able to spend some time reflecting and writing. Thank you for your visit, Starry Dawn. Take care! ♥

Leontien ~ The other day I thought of you when I bought some animal crackers! I have not made the cake yet but plan on doing so. I was showing my sister the recipe a few days ago. You are in our prayers. May all these be behind you soon. Love from Cindy and Clint.

Anonymous said...

Hello Cindy,
Poet Starry visits you this day.
Thank you for your kind words!!
God bless you, Cindy!!
Much love always,
Poet Starry Dawn.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy,
Thank you so much for your warm birthday wishes in my Journals Blog!!
I shall post Part 2 of the story soon...
I am glad that I am able to post comments in your blog. You see, I have been undergoing blogger issues with comments in other blogs.
It feels frustrating and very sad when other buddy bloggers put cookies to prevent me to post my comments in other friends blogs. I love to have feed back, to hear other people's thoughts, because it shows poetical, artistic and friendship love. I am an artist after all.
When one is a musician, a poet, singer, painter, craftman, etc., all these involve Fine Arts, so we are artist.
Thank you again, for letting me post my comments in your wonderful blog, Cindy!!
My daughter's name is Cindy too.
God bless you, Cindy and Clint, and those you love!! All the best in your life.
Poet Starry Dawn.