Thursday, September 22, 2011

Last Weekend

North of Atlanta last Friday.

My mother-in-law and me.

We always have a great time and
the most interesting conversations!

The Pub at the complex, a popular spot!  We went to happy
hour around 4:30 pm.  About an hour later,
we walked a few yards to the dining room.

Clint with his mom (in forground) and friend.

Would you say this was a thirsty bunch!

A hungry one, too!

I tried the baked covina ... it was delicious!

It was recommended (told) we try the new Chocolate
Madness Cake.  It was delicious and I could
only eat about four bites.  Honestly!

Sunday morning, before we left,  my mother-in-law and I took a walk
around the lake.  As can be seen by the water mark,
the lake is down and fountains are off.

Another cool and overcast day.

My mother-in-law and I saw these three ducks in the water
as we were walking.

Three's A Crowd!

(I made up this silly cartoon, not silly in real life
but we can laugh when it happens to ducks!)

Well, if you're not the duck!

A newly discovered painting in the Bistro.

We sure had a wonderful visit!  Thank you! 



Clint said...

Three ducks constitute a crowd, especially if two of them are engaged.

I was amazed at the way you "worked the bar" and got pictures of
octogenarians. And OMG---the food you ate!

All of this after informing me before our trip that you would be eating next to nothing because of your doctor appointment and blood work the Monday following our visit. Well, it all turned out great---maybe you should eat like that ALL the time!

Shady Del Knight said...

Looks like Clint outed you for eating hearty last weekend, Cindy, but one look at that cuisine and I can understand why you indulged yourself. It's a beautiful place and it looks like you had a swell time. It's wonderful to see a picture of you. I wish you'd post more! I love the painting. My favorite works of art are those that have people as the subjects - portraiture, groups and crowd scenes - along with architecture and cityscapes. I favor all of the above over still lifes and landscapes that do not include man made structures.

Sabine said...

What a lovely post Cindy. It's nice to have a mom ♥♥♥
Greetings Sabine

Shelly said...

Sounds like a truly terrific day! Thanks for sharing-

Cindy Ellison said...

Yes, Shady, I was outed by Clint for what you called " eating ♥ e". ☺ The food was delicious and for dinner I ordered the fish and steamed vegetables. I did have to have the bloodwork done early the following Monday. It's tiresome to worry about every bite I put into my mouth! I like that old joke that goes something like this ... the 90 year old man/woman who says "if I'd known I was gonna live this long, I'd taken better care of myself."

Yes, I like portraiture, people in paintings and landscapes with man made structures. I made another photo the other day of an old house in my hometown, it looks exactly like I would imagine a boarding house. I can just visualize a painting of this old white house. I better get busy on it! ☺


Hi Sabine, I am loving this new profile picture of yours. Hope things are going well with you. Yes, I am thankful my mother is still living. She has Alzheimer's and told me the other day that she had a husband there. She actually seems happy and told me she is never bored! Bless her heart. Thanks for stopping by, Sabine! ♥


Hi Shelly, you may be getting ready for your conference on this Sunday morning. Hope you can share some of your time there with us. Have a good time and be safe! ♥

Anonymous said...

Dear Cindy,
Beautiful pictures you have taken, dear, especially the one with you and your beautiful mother-in-law!!
Thank you for sharing your world with the world!! God may bless you all!!
All the best,
Poet Starry Dawn.