Sunday, October 2, 2011

Afternoon Shadows and Other Thoughts

It seems every time my grandson Canyon comes over,  I
find him studying this Mark Hopkins sculpture of Jesus
healing Bartimaeus, called "Faith".

I can't help but think this lamppost shadow resembles a
Rorschach ink blot test image.  The top part kinda
resembles a witch head to me.

Next photo is the story behind this picture:

One early evening this past week, Clint called my attention to
this lamppost shadow on our neighbor's garage door.

Knowing me, I could not leave well enough alone
and made the picture Halloweeny looking.  :~)

Last Monday was my daughter's birthday.  She and Canyon came over,
my son-in-law Tracy was on a business trip.  My sister also came and we had
King Ranch Casserole.  Lucinda had requested this as her birthday

Canyon sporting the latest "surprise" my sister brought him.

She is always buying him little gifts and he really loves her, too!

Things were rather casual at this birthday celebration.
We gave Lucinda  a black scarf with fringe and some cosmetics.

Things were so casual yet busy I did not even get pictures of each other
or the table.

This picture I printed out as a surprise for Lucinda and stuck
it inside her birthday card.   This was made one day of her
sitting on her great-grandparents' porch.

My sister kept insisting she bring the birthday cake.  It was not as easy
as she had expected to find a  white sheet cake.  She called and said she had found
one but it was "ugly" and had "red globs on it". 

I asked, "how ugly"?  Then I asked the more important question, "was it fresh"?

So ... we had a fresh "ugly" cake!  (My sister will laugh if she reads this!)

Canyon arrived very early one morning last week for his
"first official day to be baby sat by his mamaw and papaw".

I tried to cram in all the years I had been away from him into one day.  I made too many plans for projects but we had fun.

We played ball, he thought it was very funny when I
threw the ball backwards at him and from under my leg! 

Clint played in a more rough and tumble style!  ☺

We made a dirt, vinegar and baking soda volcano outside.

I had a selfish reason for us making one of those,
I always loved making them.  He loved it!

I had also promised him we would make puppets in the style
of Lamb Chop.  My sister came over and she brought some new long gray socks.
Snake puppets fit this shape perfectly but there was a major
problem, the glue did not stick like it should for the mouths.

Having been up since around 4:30 am, I was about to run out of steam.  Canyon was
now reminding me we could work on the "script" and when were we gonna
make a stage?

Script?  I was pleased that that word
was in his six year old vocabulary.

My sister just laughed when he was reminding me of the other work
we needed to do (especially when she heard the word "stage"), she knew I was getting tired. 

Early tomorrow morning we head for North Myrtle Beach,
we are staying at the above place.  It has been at
least 8 years since we have been to Myrtle Beach.

Never before have I been to Myrtle Beach in the fall
so this will be a different experience.

I love Myrtle Beach!  We are taking our computers,
it would be nice if we had some interesting photos to share
with our dear readers!  

Please stay tuned!

Give me a room with a view!

One of my favorite hors d'oeuvres, the brie cheese with a dab of
fig preserves on one of the mini toasts.

It is most enjoyed on the balcony over looking the ocean.  Our other most favorite food that
we enjoy on the balcony is shrimp cocktail.  We wonder if the little
seafood shop is still there, this will be one of our first stops.


Clint said...

What a smorgasboard! Something for everyone. I especially like the fall shadow of the lamp post. Very striking photo.

Sara G said...

I'll take some shrimp cocktail please and a gorgeous room with a view! Hope you all enjoy. I've been to Myrtle Beach several times when I was younger being I'm from Columbia, SC. I miss the East Coast and hope to come and at least visit sometime.

Thanks for your sharing of all the neat things and wonderful people in your life. Many hugs and blessings!!

Shady Del Knight said...

That's right, I forgot that you're heading off to Myrtle Beach, my old vacation spot of the 1970s. Please have a safe trip over. One of my blog friends who lives there says the overnight low is in the 40s but it's bound to warm up a little in the days ahead. I hope you have a great time!

Canyon is a fine looking boy. With somebody like you to influence him, he will grow to become an outstanding citizen of the world. don't strike me as the "dirt, vinegar and baking soda volcano" type! (LOL)

Know what would really be spooky? If that lamppost shadow appeared on that garage door... but there was no lamppost!

When I look at that lamppost shadow I see a birdcage with perches coming out of the post for when you want to leave your birdie out to fly around for a while.

When Clint sees that lamppost shadow he sees a department store mannequin! (LOL)

Again, have a safe and happy stay in MB, dear Cindy! I hope you get a chance to visit Brookgreen Gardens while you're there because serenity awaits you!

Cindy Ellison said...

Shady ~ I had remembered reading of your love of Myrtle Beach on your blog. My sister, her son, my daughter and I used to go every summer, we stayed in Myrtle Beach. The kids loved the little carnival there and we always had such fun. I think I can remember seeing Brookgreen Gardens advertised, we may just have to check it out. My daughter, son-in-law and Canyon are going to join us on Wednesday night and stay three nights. You are so right, I am now seeing a bird cage with a bird inside. That's funny about Clint seeing a mannequinn. :-) Thank you, Shady! It is about time for another new blog post about the Shady Dell!

Sara G ~ It is so good to see you again. Yes, we will go through Columbia on our way there. I know I sure missed the east coast when I lived in Texas. We did go to South Padre Island twice, it is about as far south as one can go in Texas. It is a pretty place, more serene than Myrtle Beach. There is only one grocery story on the island of South Padre. Hope you have a good week, Sara G! Take care and hope you are feeling good these days and getting stronger. ♥

Patrina's Pencil said...

I enjoyed your visual post, as usual. I agree with Clint, I love the doctored lamplight. I also love the room with a view. What a beautiful peaceful relaxing view.

Hope I catch the upcoming photos of your trip. Enjoy each others company, and stay safe

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are such a busy lady and wonderful mamaw...........:) Enjoy your trip!
Carol B.
(sorry, but Google has made me Anonymous once again)