Saturday, October 22, 2011

October People, Places, Things and Thoughts

Yesterday Canyon sung with Clint and he is here showing him
his 12-string guitar.  Canyon has an interest in learning
to play the guitar. 

Please ignore unmade daybed in background ;-/

Recently I bought this candle and loved the scent
description on the candle:

Golden nectar, juicy mandarin and red delicious apple blend
with toasted cinnamon,  mulled cider and freshly harvested berries.

Oh, by the way ... it smells heavenly!


A rainbow this week.  My daughter called me to
inform me of it and I was able to tell her I had already
made  photos of it.

We think alike.

Spanish moss that to me appears as a ghostly
apparition on the morning we left North Myrtle Beach.

I didn't want to come back home.  We had such a wonderful time.  Next year I had
thought of renting a  place on the beach for an entire month.  I wonder if we could
pull this off?  :~D

Fall scents and smells from Starbucks.

A picturesque little scene when we stopped for gas in Chandler, NC.

A little treat Canyon picked out  yesterday.  He announced he did not
like the "white stuff" but said he liked its brains ... the cake inside
the top.

(I don't want him to eat junk like this often and he doesn't)

One of those moments when several weather conditions come
together with that dramatic lighting.

Clint and I have begun to watch Breaking Bad.   We started with this
DVD of the first episodes.  I had not expected to like it but
it has captured my attention.  Bryan Cranston has won the Emmy
Award three consecutive times for Lead Actor in a Dramatic Series.

Hard as I may try, I can't stop taking photos of some of these sunsets!

Canyon presented me this drawing.  I think it's very good.  He
informed me he did not know until he finished that it was heart shaped.

Yesterday morning I was hearing loud male voices yelling outside.  The driver of
this truck was delivering the home (double wide) of our new neighbors that will be right behind us.

We aren't exactly happy about it.   I just hope they aren't loud, have the "Redneck
Yard of the Week" recognition or target practice at home.  The "hedgy" growth
 back there is thick but we may plant some kind of evergreen trees along the fence.

This sky reminds me of the background of "Gone With the Wind" when
Rhett and Scarlett are fleeing a burning Atlanta.

Clint and I got new phones a couple of days ago.  Oh my goodness ...
so much to learn, it is almost comical.

Tuesday my son-in-law drove himself to the ER.  Canyon is sitting here
in the waiting room at the hospital.  There is something wrong with this
picture.  My son-in-law was at another hospital known as St. Mary's.

How confusing!  The guy behind the ER desk seemed bewildered that
there could be a mix up.   One is called St. Mary's North and the other St. Mary's in
North Knoxville.

My son-in-law had emergency appendectomy surgery on Tuesday.  He had to return to the
hospital yesterday afternoon.  I am hoping and praying he gets to come
home sometime soon.  He's on our minds today.


Shelly said...

What glorious pictures! :) Thank you for sharing. Hope your son in law is on the mend-

Clint said...

Those shots are great. I had forgotten about a couple of them. That ghostly spanish moss seemed to be beckoning us back to the beach. The Starbucks poster was a welcome sight after we departed the beach. And that rainbow after we got home seemed to be saying "All is well..."

Shady Del Knight said...

I hope your son-in-law is patched up and recovering, Cindy. I'm sorry that you have his medical emergency weighing on your mind today. I've been scratching and sniffing my computer screen trying to catch the scent of that candle. It doesn't work! :( I can imagine how relaxing it would be to light it at night and turn off all other lights in the room. I live on a wooded lot and Spanish moss hangs from our trees all year 'round. Owls perch in the trees at night and hoot, nature's way of decorating for Halloween. Every time you post pictures of fall leaves and mountains I yearn to be back up north where I enjoyed such scenes for more than 30 years. I hope you'll never stop taking pictures of mountains, sunsets, rainbows and other wonders of nature. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, dear Cindy. Thank you for brightening my day with your post and your pictures!

Ron aka TheOldGeezer said...

Great photo of Canyon and Grandpa. I like grandkids and grandpas. :-)

Have a Wonderful Week :-)

*The Old Geezer Blog

Nova said...

Beautiful and interesting impressions. Thanks for showing.

Have a nice Sunday and greetings

Emma said...

I love all the photos Cindy,it's lovely to see what's been going on with you recently. That candle sounds amazing,I love to get the Christmassy yankee candles around this time of year, anything that smells like apples or cinnamon! Breaking bad is an excellent show, very good acting and great suspense. We have just finished the 4th season, you have a lot to look forward to if you stick with it!

Emma x

Cindy Ellison said...

Shelly ~ Thank you for your visit and comments. I need to get back to your blog, I read it yesterday, it was great and I got interupted yesterday quite often. Anyway, I am going to get back to it and comment. Such a simple sweet story of the man selling bread, almost Biblical. Enjoy your Sunday, Shelly! ♥

Shady ~ I am loving the way you described nature decorating your "yard" with Spanish moss and owls! A perfect combination! Nature does not have to take down the decorations after the season, it is always the season for this beauty. Since childhood I have always had a thing for Spanish moss. I confess I brought a piece home as a child and tried to get it to grow in Tennessee. :-) Yes, I can remember the beautiful countryside in PA, as I have mentioned before, my dad lived in Greencastle for about 20 yrs. Thank you for your comment about my son-in-law, I am happy to report he is much better and hopefully he will be back home soon. Hope you and Mrs. Shady enjoy your Sunday!

Ron aka The Old Geezer ~ Ron, I am finding myself reverting to wanting to call you Mr. Geezer. :-) You must enjoy being a grandfather, too. Finally after almost eight years we are living near family, we missed so much by living almost a thousand miles away. Hope your weekend has been going well, thank you Ron!

Nova (Petra) I saw your beautiful pink lily-like flower on your blog. You live in such a beautiful place with so many spots for beautiful photos. Hope your upcoming week is a good one, see you again soon. Thank you, Petra!

Emma, it is so good to see you on here! Would you believe I had a Yankee candle burning as I was reading your comment about liking Yankee Candles. I love the smell of Christmassy candles, too. I can't find the name of the one I am burning now, it is a black votive and had the word "night" or "midnight" in the name.

Interesting that you like Breaking Bad. My sister kept bragging about the show and we watched some more recent ones. I kept wanting to watch the beginning ones so I bought DVDs of the first two seasons. My goodness, what a show! My heart goes out to the son, I just love this sweet guy. Emma, I hope you are enjoying your day and that your work week goes smoothly. ♥

kelli said...

stunning photos, cindy! the photo canyon drew is great! sending well wishes to your son-in-law. xoxo

Cindy Ellison said...

Kelli ~ It is so good to see you on here this morning, thank you for your visit and comments. I am happy to report my son-in-law is home and doing well. I hope you have a great week, take care ♥

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy,
Great shots!! Great photos, sweetheart!!
I love coming over to your special blog
to view your inspirational posts.
I am glad your grandson decides to learn
how to play guitar.
Clint sings with your grandson, and that
is wonderful. I also love to sing with
my friends and family. I love to sing!!
Perhaps next year, you'll be able to rent
a house for the whole month in SC.
I am heading for New York in 2012, if that
is God's will. I make plans to buy a house
in the States, but I don't know where yet.
God bless you, Cindy, Clint and all your
beloved ones!!
All the best,
Poet Starry Dawn.

Aishah said...

Your pictures make me cry. I miss the US. I love the picture of Clint and Canyon. And the colors of Fall are gorgeous but the church and the truck in them make them beautiful. It is coming to an end, you've had a wonderful October.

Aishah said...

And I wanted to say, I love your new profile picture!