Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Five Year Search

Saturday afternoon in Powell, Tennessee
This blog's title could be called "My Five Year Search Plus",  I am combining some thoughts and recent pictures.  Last Saturday, late in the day, I went to Aubrey's restaurant to try a new sandwich and passed these scenes on my way to and from the restaurant.

The restaurant is right off this road.  As I left the restaurant I spent a few minutes and
turned left instead of right.  It was worth the extra minutes
to see this scene around the bend.

There's something about this scene, I took this Saturday.
Wonder what it will look like with snow?  This scene
if off Emory Road next to the library.

The Ragin' Cajun sandwich from Aubrey's.  I got a to-go order of these
sandwiches Saturday.  Our neighbor had told us about them and they
were delicious.  I "borrowed" this photo, I got the creamed spinach (don't want
to even think about the calories in it) but it was delicious.

(image from Mushy's Cookings blog)

That ends the story for the Ragin' Cajun sandwich search.  Now begins the tale of my five year search (at least five years) for a particular glass oil lamp.  One of my Plano friends had this lamp in her home, she was a wonderful host and her home was beautiful.  I fell in love with the beautiful oil lamp she had burning at her parties and dinners. The only thing she could remember about the lamp's history was that she had bought it at a "nature" store at a Plano, Texas,  shopping mall.  A few days later I headed to the mall, the "nature" store was gone and thus begun my five year search over much of the U.S.   I had Googled all kinds of descriptions for the lamp and could not find it anywhere online with my "key words".

When Clint and I were traveling, I would inquire about the lamp when we would be in stores that I thought might carry such items.  Last month when when we were in North Myrtle Beach, we went to Barefoot Landing shopping center and of course I was thinking of the lamp when we would go into certain stores.  I looked back at one particular store that day and told Clint that we had missed it, I thought we needed to visit it.

This shop had high quality items and we both were enjoying looking around.  I found some personalized note cards for a relative and Clint asked, "Don't you want some for yourself?"  I told him the truth, I really didn't need anymore note cards and could not think of a thing I really needed.  Well .... 

A few minutes later I walked down an aisle and after all these years ... there were My Lamps

My Lamps!  After all those years!  I took a deep breath and walked over and told Clint
he was not going to believe what I was going to tell him:  I've finally found the
oil lamps.  I had not realized how expensive they would be but I/we didn't care! I got the 12 inch.

( Thank you, Clint )

(I made the above picture, this is exactly how I found them!  Sorry for the
boring details but this was a red letter date for me ;~)  )

This oil lamp is from The Wolfard Glassblowing Company, "hand blown in California's Wine Country."  "The Wolfard Oil Lamp created by Jon Wolfard has earned international acclaim being part of the Whitney Museum of American Arts Exhibition, 'High Styles, Twentieth Century American Design', a review of outstanding examples of furniture, industrial designs and decorative objects".  Some of the glassblowers have been with the company for 34 years.  (I just knew this oil lamp was special!)

What I think makes this lamp so unique and beautiful is the glass reservoir inside. 

My oil lamp glowing beautifully this morning!


Clint said...

You coulda' knocked me over with a feather when you finally found those lamps. I was beginning to think they were a figment of your imagination. But I must say it is quite unique and beautiful---just like you!

Merry Christmas!

Sara G said...

Wonderful pictures - love fall! Our trees had just changed outside our bedroom window but winds came and now the leaves no more. :( I really like the lamps and what a great find! It's fun to find things that we see at one time to find them somewhere else!

Anonymous said...

Awesome oil lamp, Cindy. Looks great!
Carol B.

Cindy Ellison said...

Sara G ~ It's good to see you, I have not seen you in a while. Hope things are going well with you. It seems all it takes is one rainy and windy day to mess up our leaves! Thank you, Sara, I just love oil lamps, candles and similar things. ♥

Carol B ~ I wonder if you are having blogger trouble again? I have not been able to see my followers in months, maybe since last May! I am glad it is free, I would hate to pay for such service. Things have been kinda hectic here, I need to see what you are up to these days! Thank you, Carol! ♥

Shelly said...

Those are GORGEOUS lamps! They were worth the search. Your other fal pics are glorious- I love how the Lord paints the lanscape differently with every season. Thank you for sharing!

Cindy Ellison said...

Shelly ~ Thank you! Yes, I love the different seasons with their own uniqueness. Just last night my sister asked me "if snow made me happy?" I told her I "yes, I loved snow", she was asking me because she had ordered some kind of Thomas Kincaid tapestry with snow and twinkling lights. (The times I don't like snow is when it interfers with traveling)

Shady Del Knight said...

I had the pleasure of enlarging every picture, Cindy. After living among the palms in pancake flat Florida for more than 27 years I sorely miss the yearly display of autumn leaves as well as hilly and mountainous terrain. I also took a close look at your pretty lamp. I can understand how you became mesmerized by its charm when you originally saw it in your friend's home in Texas. It's a mystery to me why these famous lamps failed to turn up in your numerous Google searches over the years. The comforting, soothing glow emitted by that lamp is a good match for the warm spirituality that your personality radiates, my dear friend.

Cindy Ellison said...

Shady ~ I can understand how you would miss hilly and mountainous terrain living in an area that you described using the word "pancake". I would get weepy eyed when I would see that green and hilly terrain, from the plane, when I would fly home here from Texas for visits. I enjoyed that drive last Saturday and will never tire of seeing mountains and trees!

If I'd only had the name "Wolfard" I could have found my oil lamp years ago. I did not recall seeing a sticker on the friend's lamp but I have a small one on mine. I Googled words like "cylinder glass oil lamp". Searched on eBay, too. On my post I did not go into the detail of how I was first sold a lamp with a broken glass wick holder and the specially made funnel for filling the reservoir was missing. I was told to "improvise" with the top of a pointed plastic cap for refilling when I bought it. As Clint kept reminding me, "you'd better check out that lamp before we leave town" and make sure it's okay.(I had checked the glass lamp part only) I learned on the website a funnel came with it. I took it back to the store and a different employee got me a new one with the very fragile glass wick holder in the package. This new glass wick holder was packaged the way it should have been, protected inside the box where it belonged! The tiny envelope with the broken glass wick was just thrown in the bag outside the lamp box in the first one I bought. I can't help but believe this manager knew better when he sold me the damaged one with a missing part. ;-( And to think how I excitedly told him I had been searching for this lamp for over 5 years.

This morning Clint asked if I told the bad part of the story on my post. Here I've shared it! ☺

Thank you, Shady, WAKE UP if you've fallen asleep by now!

Shady Del Knight said...

Your words never bore me or put me to sleep, Cindy. I thank you for telling the rest of the lamp story although I'm sorry to know that there were problems with the first one. People who work in resort town gift shops probably assume that the customer is back home hundreds of miles away before they discover that an item is defective and that they might assume it was broken in transit. You were right to be assertive and insist that they exchange it for one that was intact. Thanks again for the follow-up, dear friend!

for the birds said...

Hey Cindy, It's been awhile since we've communicated, but glad to hear you are back in the area! So sorry to hear about Jimbo's passing, I have fond memories of his jovial personality. I have a story to share with you and it gives me cold chills just to think about it....yesterday morning early I couldn't sleep so I got up and went on my facebook, which I rarely even look at. There was an entry from you with a beautiful picture that caught my eye, so I went to your blog and started reading all your entries from the beginning, I was entranced, it was like going back in time.....all the memories just did something for my soul. Well, I got to the story " My Five Year Search " and was reading about you finding the beautiful oil lamp after searching for five years and loved the pictures of the lamp and even thought to myself that I had never seen such a beautiful light. I make oil lamps out of jars,etc and have always been in love with them. Well, Friday morning I woke up and decided instead of going to Turkey Creek Public Market (where I have a craft booth) that I was going to the KARM on Kingston Pike with Shelley, my stepdaughter. I haven't been there in a year or so and when I really should have been selling my wares I decided to goof off, I'm tired of working all the time! Lo and behold, I walked in and the first thing I see sitting on the glass counter by the register is one of the 12" Wolfard oil lamps, I almost fainted! Had it not been for seeing them on your blog I wouldn't even have known what they were. Shelly was looking at me like I was crazy and I had to tell her the story of not being able to sleep, reading your blog from start to finish, loving the lamp, playing hookey from the market and walking in KARM and the lamp being the first thing that I saw! Well, needless to say I bought it and with my senior discount the price was $19.85, I love it!!! Things really do happen for a reason and I thought you would love this story.....glad to know you are back in Tn and hope to talk to you soon. Becky

Cindy Ellison said...

Becky ~ Wow! I can't tell you how excited I was to read this comment! It is hard to believe and I am so happy that you found this oil lamp! Yes, I had looked at thrift stores for years, too! :-) You got the best deal ever!

This is just a note, I have written you a longer "letter" via Facebook message. I wanted you to know how much I appreciated your comment and that you enjoyed reading my blog posts. I can't wait to share this story with Lucinda and Patti, they will love it!

Take care, Becky...thanks again!