Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Hometown

Market Street in Clinton, Tennessee, in the 1940s. 

The Christmas Parade in my hometown,  this photo was made on Main
Street in Clinton, Tennessee.  I am in this group, closer to the front and
I remember it like it was yesterday.  My grandmother made
my beautiful blue velvet outfit.

My hometown of Clinton, Tennessee, has been in shock since yesterday.  One of our residents was shot and killed yesterday while working at a pawn shop.  My sister had called me and said something "major" was going on in the town.  She had gone to the grocery store and saw multiple emergency vehicles in different directions.

A 63 year old resident had gone into a local pawn shop and asked to be shown a shotgun.  This customer had brought in shells from home for the shotgun, loaded the shotgun and struggled with the employee, shooting him at close range.  Larry, the pawn shop employee,  was 58 years old and was in my brother's Clinton High School Class of 1971.  The other employee in the shop shot the man as he was fleeing the shop.

The injured man drove home, his wife seeing the gunshot wounds thought he had tried to commit suicide and she called 911 ten minutes after the shooting.  The police recovered the shotgun from the pawn shop and the man was airlifted to a Knoxville hospital. 

I am reporting from TV reports and newspaper accounts. It was reported the assailant was a "preacher" and worked for Habitat for Humanity. There are so many unanswered questions as to why this man shot Larry.  I keep thinking Clinton is an innocent town, things like this don't happen in Clinton.  This is Mayberry, well ... it used to be.  I truly do realize things like this happen, even in Mayberry and I am so shocked and saddened by it all.  So totally senseless.  Why?


Shady Del Knight said...

I read your latest reply to me on your previous post in which you said the man was killed. This post leads me to believe that he's still alive but hospitalized. Can you please clear that up, Cindy? Either way this is an awful scenario and the motive seems to be a mystery at this point.

I'm out of touch with my hometown, York, PA, but I can tell you that my area of Central Florida has seen a spike in violent crime in the last few years. A few weeks ago a man shot his wife to death, marched a block to his church, and shot both the pastor and the associate pastor right in the middle of Sunday services while the congregation looked on in horror! They still haven't determined a motive in that case. I am a peace loving individual and I know that you and Clint are as well. Senseless acts of violence rock our world. I hope you and your hometown will bounce back from this episode.

Clint said...

There are really no answers, are there? Larry thought yesterday would be a good one, and he planned to go to work and go home to his family. Senseless.

Cindy Ellison said...

Shady ~ Thank you for bringing it to my attention about the confusion about the victim. I reread it and had not made it clear. The man we knew, the employee named Larry at the pawn shop, was shot and killed by the assailant. I hope I have cleared that up, I went back and reworded it. The assailant was the one who drove home and he wife called 911 because she thought his wounds were self-inflicted. You can only shake your head and wonder why.

My goodness, the scene you described at the church in Florida. I may have read about this in the newspaper. A similar thing happened in Knoxville about 6 years ago. Is any place safe or sacred? Thank you again, Shady, and you and Mrs. Shady have a relaxing evening!

Shady Del Knight said...

Thank you for explaining, dear Cindy. I am very sorry to learn that the man you knew was killed. God bless!

Shelly said...

How very, very tragic. I will be praying for the victim's family and for the assailant. Wow.

Cindy Ellison said...

Shady ~ You're welcome and thanks again for mentioning this so I could make the blog clearer.

Shelly ~ Yesterday I read your blog about turning the big five oh and got interrupted, am heading back now to pay you a visit and leave you a comment. Once again, Shelly, another great blog post from you. It's sweet of you to pray for those involved. ♥ Thank you.

Rhonda said...

Cindy, such devastation in a close knit town...I enjoyed viewing the pictures: In thought of "why" these things happen...I heard a pastor say, " In the last days...perilous times"...which also one meaning is "dangerous" ..she explained that at the coming of our Lord the Holy Spirit is drawn away from the earth so that judgment may come: and as the Holy Spirit is drawn away the evilness of the enemy becomes even more abundant....this is why you find momma's throwing their infant babies over a bridge in the river, or out of a moving car, or or or ..it makes sense to me...as I watch the news at night, or hear of stories as yours...scriptures warnes me Take Heed for He will come as a thief in the night...I want to be ready....BE READY! I shiver at thoughts of the "evilness" out there and my kids, grands are a part of the "out there" to be hurt by one of these "moments of craziness"...but I have to remember God is Sovereign and He truly has never lost control...I hope I have not overstepped by my thoughts but I did want to share...
Happy Saturday....I can just imagine the fun you and hubby dearest are having today ....