Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our Happy, Hilarious, Hysterical Halloween!

Last night we had such a good time!  Lucinda, after working all day, came home and got herself and Canyon all "costumed" and made up for Halloween.  Clint and I were amazed at how she transformed herself and Canyon.  She did some research online and bought some professional clown makeup, she said you can't get good coverage with the Walmart Halloween make up.

Tracy, Lucinda's husband, came to the door with a pair of blinking red eyes glasses. He said later he would put on his entire costume.  When Tracy went out to the car later to slip on his costume, I never imagined just how frightening he would appear!  The first thought was the grim reaper .  He was totally covered in black except for ... the blinking of two red lights where his eyes were located.  These red eyes would light up red intermittently which made them even more spooky. Maybe his costume was so scary because it left much to the imagination on what evil lurked underneath.

Lucinda did a great job on Canyon's costume and makeup.
He ended up being a race car driver zombie.

See!  I told you it was spooky! 

Canyon was having such fun, too!

What big fangs you have! 


Close up of  Tracy with those large
red blinking eyes.


Lucinda, Mistress of Darkness  (only for one night ;-)   )

I had so much running around to do yesterday
I didn't take the time to do anything but put
on my new witch hat with a veil

Clint, are you okay?  You don't look okay.  You will think twice before
you drink another half gallon of absinthe.

(I had such fun with this and Clint followed my directions perfectly
when I told him to hang out his tongue and have one eye bigger than
the other.  Totally deranged!  Lucinda woke up her husband
with her laughter when she first saw this picture of Clint )

   Warning!  The following is not for the squeamish or faint of heart!  Warning!

Our Halloween Dinner*

*(Truthfully I made this photo a few months ago at a Civil War show, the  booth was that
of a Civil War "surgeon".  Sorry folks, I just couldn't help but post this
when I ran across it working on my blog pics.  I hope I am forgiven.  ☺

Our sausage balls as appetizers before dinner

Our real dinner ... the herb chicken Mediterranean pizza with olive oil, fresh spinach,
sun-dried tomatoes, feta cheese



Canyon was more interested in drawing in in his
new sketchbook than he was eating candy.

A sketchbook was one of his "treats" instead of candy
from his mamaw and papaw.

Can you imagine this fellow pulling up along side you one night
on a dark deserted road?


Clint said...

I hope we never become too "adult" to have fun like that!

Shady Del Knight said...

All I can say is fangs for the memories, Cindy! (LOL) Every one of these pictures has me spooked, especially that one of Clint! It'll take the jaws of life to pry that image out of my head! (LOL) Lucinda is not only a great make-up artist but a wonderful actress. The images of her in character as a mistress of the dark resemble lobby cards from a Hammer gothic horror feature. Canyon was very convincing as a racer zombie and it looks like he had lots of fun. Tracy was nothing short of terrifying as the red eyed reaper. You looked like a good witch (friendly and beautiful) and Clint is always a good sport, isn't he? You are very lucky to have a husband with such a great sense of humor. That's very important. You had me licking my chops over that "surgeon's platter" until I saw that special pizza which I think I might like even more! Thank you, Cindy and thank you Clint, Canyon, Tracy and Lucinda for sharing with me your good humor and a great collection of scary pictures!

Anonymous said...

Yummy dinner. Maybe next year the menu can be chicken livers, artichoke hearts and eye of newt.............yum! Great photo you have of the surgeon's spoils.
Carol B.

Sabine said...

Many greetings from Germany
Sabine ♥

Cindy Ellison said...

Shady ~ Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day to look at my blog and leave such special comments! Those actions are why you have many blogger friends. I have almost 200 "friends" on Facebook and most times I link my blog to my FB. Sometimes (most of the time) I have none of my so-called "friends" commenting on it. My family rarely reads my blog. I know Lucinda has been working full time and attending college, she barely has time to breathe. Clint and I are pretty good about going along with each others' shenanigans. That surgeon's platter was totally gross. I was wondering yesterday, where does this guy get those "parts" when he attends these Civil War show? Thank you again for your kind words!

Carol B. ~ You do have a way with words and I loved what you wrote, especially the "eye of newt" and "surgeon's spoils". Hope things are going well with you on this Wednesday. Thank you Carol! ♥

Sabine ~ It is always good to see you. Hope you and your family are doing well. I am past due for a visit to you! Take care ... thank you Sabine for taking the time to stop by and visit. ♥

Emma said...

Wow Cindy, those are some great costumes! The photo if Clint is so funny! I love that you all participated! Food looks yummy!


Cindy Ellison said...

Hello Emma! So good to see you, I am assuming you are getting ready for Kate's wedding. I am anxious to hear how the "practice" make up went if you have already done it. I used to work for Estee Lauder and I would love to do makeovers. It was magical for some women, if only they would keep it up. Anyway, I know you love makeup, too. Yes, that photo of Clint was worse than pathetic! I still laugh out loud when I see it, I did when I posted it! Hope you have had a good week so far, "talk" to you later Emma. ♥ Thank you for your visit.