Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Rainy Day

The Bearden area of Knoxville.

It could be said Clint and I have been singing in the rain after the draughts we experienced when we lived in the Dallas, Texas, area.  Today we were not exactly singing in the rain when we could barely see the road in front of us. We left for downtown Knoxville with clear skies above and 67 degrees.  It soon changed as can be seen in these photos. One stop we made was at the Fresh Market. I like this store and Clint found something he liked and will have it for dinner tonight.  Coconut shrimp and a cannoli for dessert.  I am not supposed to eat shrimp. sigh

Today I had my camera and made some pictures of rain and more rain.  It is hard to believe it is only around 1 PM in the photos, the sky became so dark.

I had not noticed the dark skies until I
got out of the car at the Fresh Market.

Kingston Pike in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Kingston Pike again ...

Not a good day for driving on the interstate,
very low visibility.

Closer to home ... our exit.

The railroad track we cross near our house ... the rain
resembles snow in this picture.

Whew ... we're almost home!  ☺


Shady Del Knight said...

Your first sentence makes an important point, Cindy. One man's good news is often another man's bad news. The tourist/vacationer might moan about a rainy day in a town he's visiting while the local farmer rejoices. Here in Florida where we experience drought year after year we welcome all the rain we can get unless it's ushered in by a hurricane. We look forward to winter cold fronts because they offer refreshing relief from the heat, humidity and bugs (and snakes).

A rainy day has its own charm. It can have a hypnotic, calming effect. It cleans and freshens the air and sometimes ends with a pretty rainbow. The downside is the dangerous travel conditions. I have been with you through a number of perilous car trips and it is a major concern. A rainy day is best enjoyed from the comfort of an easy chair in a window... with that scented candle of yours burning nearby.

Thank you again for making me smile and laugh with your comments on my blog today. You and Clint both have a keen sense of humor and that makes for a great marriage. I have another new post coming up tomorrow because I'm observing another exact anniversary date. I hope you enjoy. Have a wonderful evening, dear Cindy!

Clint said...

We were definitely doin' the ole rain dance. Those are great pics considering the rain on the windshield. And of course I almost wrecked ole paint on two occasions when you made me turn off the windshield wipers so you could get a "better picture". I guess you were serious when you said, "I'll do ANYTHING for a good blog!"

Shady Del Knight said...

Hahaha! See what I mean?

Anonymous said...

Hi sweet Cindy,
It comes as a wonderful surprise to see you visiting my site. Thank you so much for taking your precious time to view my post and comment on it!! I visit your site this day, and find a post about rainy days in Tennessee. Wooowww!!
It looks like a dreadful day, especially if you drive in the Highway. Be careful, darling!!
I just love your blog!! It has lots of things to ponder and discover in every single entry. I love your paintings and photographs, Cindy.
What style of painting have you got? I wonder.
I am about to buy an oil painting from a neighbour, but she asks a thousand dollars for it. I think, it is too expensive, but I am not sure. What would you recommend about that??
I love Music and The Arts. I also love theater plays, concerts, artistic venues, good films, general decorations, home decorations, table decorations, Opera Shows, and so on. Everything that has to do with artistic talents, I just love to participate...
I am also interested in Science, Biology, Natural Science and General Scientific Research. I feel inside that I am like a rainbow of assorted colours. Inside my heart, I am still a child.
Cindy, I wrote song-lyrics for Tennessee. One of these days, I shall post it at my journals blog. I have been unwell lately, you see...
If I do, please, visit me and write a comment, if you like my song. I called it, "Dreaming of good old Tennessee." Many years ago, I used to dream with living in Tennessee. One day, there was a big flood in Nashville. That was the last time I thought in living over there. I love the Southern States, but I don't like rainy days. I got to find the perfect place for us. I mean, for Paul and I. We plan to relocate back home to the States, after he retires from his medical profession.
I am really interested in buying a home in North Carolina (around Charlotte Area.)
Is it lovely over there? What do you say?...
God bless you, Cindy, Clint and all your beloved ones!!
Blessings & Prayers,
Poet Starry Dawn.

Shelly said...

I love a rainy day, especially if I can be indoors with a great book. Thanks for the pics to remind those of us who live in drought what it actually looks like.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Cindy...I love rainy days...and your photography is great...I have a few rainy day pictures through my windshield also...I prefer rainy day experience at home and not having to drive in it but it is so refreshing and I love the smell of Rain....Have a blessed Thursday!

Cindy Ellison said...

Shady ~ As always, you have some good observations on rain. It was a freak storm yesterday, we try to keep abreast of the weather and had no idea of this approaching storm. Yes, the best place to enjoy the rain is from a chair. Speaking of candles, yesterday in the middle of the storm I bought some insense. That reminds me I need to burn some today. I made a blunder in your previous post, called Good Morning Starshine" something else ... sunshine. ;-) You have an excellent post and I have already listened to some of the videos and am working my way down. Yes, I loved "Hair" and "Jean" is one of my all time favorite songs. I YouTube it from time to time just to hear it. I hope you and Mrs. Shady get some cold fronts to make the pests (snakes)crawl into a hole...not in any in your yard!

BTW, I asked Clint about his comment on here, about me doing anything for a good blog idea and he said he used "creative license". I don't recall issuing him a license! ;-) ha ha is in order here, too! Thank you, Shady!

Shelly ~ Oh, Shelly! I read your blog and can't imagine the grief! I was in the middle of cooking and am going back and rereading your post. It seems this is happening more often ... Thank you, Shelly for stopping by today. ♥

Starry Dawn ~ Thank you for writing! When I saw you had written it made me think you were feeling better. I sure hope so! I wrote you an email this morning. I talked about some of the topics in your comment above so I won't bore you by repeating them again here. I'm praying you are getting better! Please take care and I will be checking in on you at your site, too.


(Responses to be continued ... )

Sabine said...

I only love rainy days when I'm sitting at home in the livingroom with candlelight.
Have a nice day.
Greetings Sabine

Shady Del Knight said...

Cindy, your follow-up replies to comments are just as fun and entertaining as your posts. You're a delight!

If you haven't done so yet I invite you to copy and paste the address below and come over and "meet" me, baby pictures and all.

You may call me Tom as some of my other close friends have been doing or you may continue to call me Shady if you wish. It doesn't matter one way or the other. What matters is that I consider you one of my very best friends and I am grateful to have somebody like you in my world.

Cindy Ellison said...

Sabine ~ It is so good to see you, I visited your blog yesterday. You are an excellent photographer! You have many talents! Thank you, Sabine!

Tom ~ That felt foreign to type "Tom" instead of "Shady". I will call you Tom but there could be times I will refer to you as "Shady". :-) As I confessed on your link to your unmasking, I had visited this post before. You had said your dad liked photography and I just bet he made some of those great photos ... like the one of you through the basketball hoop. It appears you had a very blessed childhood. You have grown up to be a very nice looking man. Thank you for your kind words and your faithful support of my blog!

Shady Del Knight said...

:) Yes, my father took all of those early pictures of me except for the senior portrait. I vividly remember the day he climbed high on a ladder above the basketball goal to take the picture of me looking up through the hoop.

Cindy, I really don't mind at all if you prefer to keep calling me Shady. I like it coming from you! I just wanted to extend the invitation and give you a choice to call me Tom whenever you wish. I wanted to make it clear that I consider you to be one of my very closest friends. Thanks, Cindy!