Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Lights

This morning it naturally came up that the topic of lights was
going to dominate this blog post.  This morning I noticed how
subdued the colors were outside. This was from our backyard
and it was 37 degrees.

I do have a thing for lights.  This morning I put a glass
enclosed votive candle inside my latest new piece of glass,
perfect for the fall season and Thanksgiving.

I just have to share that this beauty was found at KARM,
the Knoxville Area Rescue Mission thrift store.

Cost: $3.27.

This glowing school bus caught my attention yesterday in the
parking lot at the fitness center.  It was amazing to me
the way the rising sun lit up the inside so evenly.  Almost spooky.

This was a scene on the main road off our lane about three weeks ago.  The police
cars were there for over an hour.  We then noticed a car was
being towed from the sight.  It might appear a girl is handcuffed in the photo.  

 That's all we know but  the blue and red
glows got our attention when we went out to get our paper.

(I zoomed in from a distance and used no flash to draw their attention)

An ultimate little light maker from nature.  In the early spring here, we noticed
lightning bugs in our back yard.  I tried video taping them and making
photos using my camera to no avail.

The next morning this lightning bug was waiting and posing for
me right inside our front door in the living room.

He smiled, I snapped his picture and then safely deposited
him outside.

On another note, I'm very excited today.  We are going to a play!  It has been too long since we have been to a play.  I love plays.  I love theatre.  Tomorrow I hope to give a report about the play.


Shady Del Knight said...

Let there be light! This was a wonderful essay on the subject, Cindy. You are the type of person that goes looking for beauty in the world and finds it, even in things that others might consider ordinary. I always enjoy the subdued colors of a misty morning. I share your love of soft, intimate candle lit indoor settings. The school bus "lantern" and the colored lights at the scene of that accident are fascinating. I have never seen lightning bugs (fireflies) since coming to Florida and I miss them. We do, however, have lots of ladybugs. I'm like you in preferring to catch a bug and release it to freedom outside rather than squashing it. I hope you enjoy the play, dear friend Cindy, and I look forward to your review!

Sara G said...

Lightning bugs were my favorite to catch when I was growing up. It has been many many years since I have seen them. We would put them in a glass jar for a little while and then release just to turn around and catch more. Thanks for sparking my memory!

Anonymous said...

The light in that schoold bus is awesome. I wonder how the driver felt about you taking his photo. Just kidding!
Guess who

Anonymous said...

Good Monday morning! Love your photo captures...especially the bus...that was cool!
I have been a follower of your husband clint for a few months now, I will take time and pray for you each day lol ...he is a crazy guy ....and I noticed your comment on his grooming and thought OH there is the "good" half of Clint... lol ...anyway wanted to say good morning and so happy to follow clint' s best half.....

Cindy Ellison said...

Good morning, Rhonda! Such a good way to begin a Monday morning ... a sweet comment such as yours! Yes, he and his grooming! I will have to say he is very clean! ;-) Yes, I am the "good" half of Clint ... well, sometimes. He has always been a writer, that is how we met years ago, we were AOL pen pals. I don't think that exists anymore. It is so special that you said you would take time to pray for us. You are now on my prayer list ♥ Right now, Rhonda, I am going to visit your blog. Thank you for following mine. Hope this week is a good one for you!