Saturday, November 5, 2011


One would think I could come up with a more original blog title than "Today".  I mostly wanted to leave a note on here that I am not able to post comments!  It is maddening sometimes with the way this Blogger system does not work.  Sometimes Clint will have strange things happen on his blog and sometimes it is my turn. Today it's  my turn. I have not seen my followers for months, their pictures do not show.  Others can see them, I think, but it makes it harder on me to not be able to see them.

I also tried on my new "smart" phone to leave comments and it was not so smart (notice I said it), it didn't work for me.

Just so my blogger friends will know, I will continue to try to post my comments.  I am probably coming across as not being in a good mood.  We had a a good and different day.  We were at the gym at 7:15, worked out and then headed to the Golden Corral to eat breakfast.   Oh brother, I think we could do a blog on the experience. I had to go back to bed at 10:30, that is something I rarely do.  Clint came about 30 minutes later.  It was our first time to eat there and may be our last.  One can only eat so much and it's just not healthy to overeat and I think one tends to do this at those kinds of places. 

So much for my short note on here!  Hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing Saturday evening. 

Come on blogger comments, start working again!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the club, Cindy. Don't fret, it still happens to me. As you can see I am anonymous again. :)
Carol B.

Shady Del Knight said...

You are a great blogger and it makes me sad to know you're having difficulty. I was having problems leaving comments until I started using Google Chrome. If you're not maybe you should install it and see if it helps. I can see your followers roster just fine, all 77 of them. I can't understand why it is not visible to you although that same thing happened to me a few months ago. My thoughts are with you, dear Cindy, and I hope you get your technical problems resolved soon.

Shelly said...

I have such strange things happen to me on Blogger, and they continue. Ah well. I still enjoy reading your blog!

Crystal Mary said...

I love your peacock... I used to have a huge stained gladd window of one, how I miss it.. You are a lovely lady Cindy, with a beautiful mind. Really writing about TODAY is all any of us can do, we have no ptomise any furthur than that. I am currently watching how an asteroud is going to hit earth next Wednesday, just three days away... So, today is all we have. Hugs and kisses my lovely friend.

Crystal Mary said...

A stained glass goodness,And no promises any further than that...No!! I am not drunk just a wee bit tired. xx

Cindy Ellison said...

Carol ~ I smiled when I read your comment. Not long before I read your comment I had mentioned to Clint that you had problems with the Blogger comments. It's just something we all have to put up with on here.

Shady ~ Thank you for your sympathy. I thought later after I posted this blog that whining about a blogger problem is absolutely nothing compared to so many other problems in the world. Maybe my whining worked, the minute I posted my blog, the comments feature worked perfectly! No, I promise to not whine in the future assuming it will make it work! :-) Looking forward to your next blog post!

Shelly ~ After reading your comment it appears to me that bloggers' problems are so varied, there's no rhyme or reason to it's madness on here! None of my pictures are showing now when I click on them to post on the blog. Clint had me laughing last night, he was telling his tale of only the first picture showing up when he is selecting his and then some kind of crazy sequence of the others showing and disappearing! We might as well laugh about it! he he :~(

Crystal Mary ~ What a sweet comment! I had found the peacock photo somewhere and saved it, it was listed as a copyright free photo. A stained glass window of a peacock would have to be beautiful! I enjoyed your blog this morning and seeing the beautiful flowers! I can't even imagine finding near my house a 9 ft 11 in python snake skin! I would freak out if it were 6 inches long! Thank you so much for your visit, Crystal Mary ♥