Friday, December 2, 2011

The Past Eight Days

Our Thanksgiving table that just evolved as
I was going along.  We had eight family
members for dinner.  We did have a wonderful time.

My mother-in-law relaxing for a few minutes.  On Saturday after Thanksgiving
she celebrated her 89th birthday.  We were very happy to have her visit.

Later I realized I didn't make photos of everyone.  To be honest, we were
a little tired ... even Canyon, resting his head with elbow on table while eating.
My daughter fell earlier in the evening at her house,
down stairs.  She is okay but still sore.

We did have our favorite chocolate pie.  This is an older photo of the pie,
I did not make the chocolate monograms this year.  It was the first time
for some of my family to eat it ... they loved it!

While gathering up things for the dining room table, I found an old
yard sale find from last year.  I had forgotten about this old silverplate.

It is not 95 years old, it is from 1951.

For fun I looked it up,  it is called Prestige and I added up the cost of
individual replacements and it came to $534.00.  Not bad for $10.

It was in excellent condition.

Detail from the old silverplate.

We took Clint's mom back to Atlanta and had dinner with her on Saturday night.

This little signature salad where she lives is one of my favorites.

We left the Atlanta area Sunday morning around 10 AM with what appeared to be fair weather.
(The blue tint at top is from the car window)

Yes, slightly overcast ... good for driving ... or so we thought ....

Clint called my attention to this "jalopy" that was passing us on the left ...
The skies are getting darker ... rain is beginning to fall.

Once again we are driving on trecherous roads, heavy from
the Thanksgiving traffic.  This pile on 75 N was about 20 minutes
after the "jalopy" had passed us on the left.  It was at the front
of the pile up and I had wondered if it was at fault somehow.

We have had enough driving through heavy downpours and traffic!

This scene was the same all the way from north Atlanta to Knoxville.

 This morning I felt like I was going to live.  I was beyond exhaustion on Thanksgiving and having a hard time recovering.  Since Tuesday I have been sick with what I believe to be some kind of virus. No matter how hard I try to wash my hands often ...  As Clint has been saying, I have not been resting, eating right and was run down. This is a wake up call for me regarding Christmas.  Really not just Christmas, my life!

On a brighter note, we have a big night planned this evening.  We are going to a Gaither Christmas Homecoming in Knoxville.  Do I ever have the work to do to get myself ready!  I am looking foward to meeting some of the singers. 

Thank  you, each and every one of  you that took the time to read this post!   ♥ 


Anonymous said...

Safe travels to the concert. And, tell Clint you need some pampering to get over that bug. :)
Carol B.

Shady Del Knight said...

My goodness, Cindy. I'm sorry to know you haven't been feeling very well. You really need to pace yourself in the coming weeks. We all do. This is the time of year when many people, especially women, try to be all things to all people. They say yes when they should say no. They overextend and exhaust themselves. What fun is that? The holidays shouldn't be madness. They should bring us peace and joy.

I'm also sorry to learn that your daughter fell. I already told you that the oldest living Dell rat fell a few weeks ago and broke her hip. (No recent updates from her daughter and her blog series is on indefinite hold.) A good friend's mother fell yesterday in her driveway and hit her head on the car as she went down. My uncle fell a few days ago and was shaken up but appears to be okay.

I can't believe your bad luck on the roads. If Eastern Tennessee is ever facing a severe drought you know what to do. Hop in the car and drive around for a while and surely the rains will come. I'm thinking that jalopy might have caused the accident by weaving in and out or perhaps just by serving as a distraction to other motorists.

Thank you for the excellent comments you posted on my blog today, dear friend Cindy. I hope you have a wonderful time this evening and a safe and happy weekend as well.

Clint said...

My Gawd it was a whirlwind week. Houseguests, constant food prep and eating and house cleaning; then travel to and from Atlanta to get my mom and then another round trip to take her back home. Whew!

And all the while we were overeating and not getting exercise. No wonder you got sick. Thankfully, you are much better now.

Now, get off your duff and clean this house, woman! Hee Hee.......

Shelly said...

What a terrific time with family and food and fellowship you all had! Hope you are feeling better, and soon. Oh, I would love to go to one of the Gaither Homecoming concerts- enjoy it for me!

kelli said...

thank you for sharing! your table was gorgeous!
what a score with the silver! beautiful and so valuable!

get plenty of rest... relax with a book and some herbal tea.=)

Nova said...

What a beautiful dinner table, dinner and I love your silver plate.

Good to hear that you had a great time and that you are feeling good.

Have a beautiful weekend and greetings

Crystal Mary said...

Thank you Cindy! You made me give thanks just looking at your great pics and reading your family news. Your mum-in-law looks a very nice person and certainly not 89yrs. That silverware was a great buy, I bet it is worth much more than you paid. Happy belated Thanksgiving to you both. Love. CM

Cindy Ellison said...

Carol ~ Yes, Clint needs to do some pampering! ☺ We did enjoy the concert, thank you. Speaking of safe travels, we had a scary moment when we had to stop on the interstate when traffic was back up. We could not believe the concert was held the exact night of the annual Christmas parade! :-)

Tom ~ Those were some serious falls that you wrote about...your friend who hit her head on the car and then the fall of your uncle. I am assuming that your uncle is older, bless his heart, it sure does shake you up and make you nervous. I had not realized the seriousness of falls until I became much older (mature ☺). In our youth we never give falls much thought. I have already had a fall in this house, I literally flew through the air when I slid on a dryer sheet that had fallen on a tiled area. I literally sailed/flew onto the carpeted bedroom floor and was okay. I am a fast walker and need to slow down. My mom has fallen so many times during the past year but she is okay. Clint's mom has serious falls, though. Concerning your blog post on the older Dell rat, I feel it will still take place. I am sure the daughter must have her hands full considering her mother's condition. Thanks so much for your comments and thoughts, Tom.

Shelly ~ I have a feeling that you would LOVE a Gaither Homecoming concert. I loved every second of it! This was my second one to attend.
Thank you, Shelly, hope things are going well with you!

Kelli ~ Thank you, Kelli, for the sweet advice. I am okay, it was just one of those things and I do know I need to "slow down" as my mom would always tell me. Good advice! Hope you and your family are doing well, Kelli! Thank you so much for your visit.

Petra (Nova) ~ It was so good to see you! I hope things are going smoothly in your life. I always appreciate your visits, you are a faithful friend to Clint, also. Take care and hope to "see" you again soon. ♥

Crystal Mary ~ I am so happy your hospital stay is behind you. Clint and I were sure thinking about you. I have been behind, I need to drop by and see you! Take care and hope all is well with you and your family!