Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In Remembrance of Snow

Here it is February 25th, 2012, and we have had very little snow here in east Tennessee.  Suzy Snowflake made only brief cameo appearances.  We are now only days away from March.  We are approaching spring when  "a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love".  I always think of that Tennyson verse every spring.  This is a farewell post to anymore thoughts of snow for this winter.

Can you see the owl face in this photo I made
from our porch light?

My daughter pointed the owl image out to me.

A scene from our Great Blizzard Trip of 2009.

We had just left this McDonald's somwhere
in South Dakota off an interstate.

The visibility was better in the photo than
in reality.

We were headed to Omaha.  A convenience store employee handed
me his card and asked me to call him when we made it home safely.
We had stopped there for gas.

I called him when we had made it safely home to Texas.

In my wildest dreams I would have never dreamed
I'd find myself in Deadwood, South Dakota.

We spent three wonderful nights here,
the hotel food was fantastic!  It was several degrees minus zero.

Clint's Thermapedic pillow that was in
the car trunk froze into a solid boulder.

It was quite funny to me!  No pillow fights, either!  :-)

Our goal, we made it to Mount Rushmore only to be greeted
by an irate park employee who yelled at us about parking.
What a greeting after such a treacherous drive up the mountain.

There was not another soul around and we are being yelled at about
our parking?  I yelled back and asked, "give me two seconds" and snapped this photo.

I could not even see a human, just heard her yelling.

If you want to build a snowman,
I'll help you make it, 1,2 3 ...

~Suzy Snowflake

Last year in Plano, TX, we had quite a bit of snow. I made this little snowman, he was about 11 inches without his forelorn top hat. I have to tell you, the 11 inch tall snowmen are much easier to make. I brought in snow from outside in a plastic container. I made snowballs for the body on the kitchen counter and then put them in the freezer.

If you want to build a snowman,
I can help you make it, 1 2 3 ...

~Suzy Snowflake

Pleased with their shape and size, I then decided on materials for the head and body. I got out some mulling spices and picked out two cloves for the eyebrows. For the eyes I chose some dried peppercorns from the mulling spices A bit of dried orange peel made a cute little nose and another dried piece gave him that crooked little smile.

"Tap, tap tapping at your windowpane
To tell you she's in town."

~Suzy Snowflake

I alway loved this little video and song when I was a child. Suzy Snowflake originally aired on Chicago TV in December 1953 on "Garfield Goose and Friends".

"I haven't long to stay."

~Suzy Snowflake


Shady Del Knight said...

This has been an unusual winter, Cindy. The folks back home in Pennsylvania only had one freak snowstorm very early in the season and not much to speak of since. It has also been mild much of the time up there. It's also been too warm in Florida. We look forward to getting a refreshing break from the relentless heat but we only had a couple of nights below freezing, hardly enough to deter the insects. The annual hurricane forecast will soon be coming out and I always dread it because they invariably call for "above normal" tropical system activity.

Clint said...

Good. Excellent. Now maybe I can get some rest, without you singing "HERE COMES SUZIE SNOWFLAKE!"

'Tis true, fair maiden---we have been cheated this year and I feel bad about it. Sad to think we missed out on the snow and now all we have to look forward to are the violent weather months of March-April-May...

Emma said...

Wow! I can't believe those photos from 2009! That's some amount of snow! I'm also hoping that Winter is firmly out of the way! In Ireland Spring starts on February 1st and it's gotten a lot warmer this week, up to 13 degrees Celsius! I'm hoping it really is the start of Spring!

Your snowman was darling Cindy! I'm very impressed with his little hat! :)

I hope you are having a lovely week so far (and keeping warm!)

Emma x

Shelly said...

Any time I see snow pics, it makes me long to be in it. But then, I think of how cold it actually is, and I content myself with enjoying the pics instead!

Nova said...

Oh yes...I saw the face ☺ Beautiful pictures of your winter-time.

This year the winter is different too, too cold, less rain and the people needs a oven over night.

Weather is changing all over the world.

Greetings to you

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Clint's comment....LOL...I'm guessing it all things joyful living among you two! Love your snow pics and wow you should know to park correctly in such weather and during the busy time of the year.....jeez.....I do think you did the right thing I bet the guy feared you would report him...and show the evidence you captured with camera....sometimes as I read yours and Clint's blogs....I'm wishing I could be a bug, or one of your kids ...nawwww you'd probably get a babysitter....but I would think you guys are fun people! I know I enjoy you both here in blogland .....Happy Thursday

Cindy Ellison said...

Dear friends, I sure hope we all aren't blown away by hurricanes and tornadoes! We had fierce wind last night and today the temperature dropped 10 degrees while I was out shopping. We don't have a basement here and we are also scared of going into the crawl space under our house. Face a tornado or possible snakes or spiders in the crawl space? We have been here almost ten months and have yet to look into the crawl space. I had the idea of a plastic jumpsuit to be worn if we have to go to the crawl space.

Thank you everyone! ♥