Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Message to Michael

After searching Google images I realized I had my own perfect
 little blue bird image here at home.  My Plano neighbor Suzan
was always giving me special bird gifts because she
knew I loved them so.

For days now I have been haunted by a song, "Message to Michael".  Until recently, I had not thought of that song in many years. "Message to Michael" is a 1966 Top Ten hit by Dionne Warwick, written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David. The song's lyrics are addressed to a bluebird by a woman in Kentucky whose sweetheart is vainly pursuing musical stardom in New Orleans; the woman asks the bluebird to take a message to Michael, asking him to return to her.  My Valentine post today is about this song. Maybe by posting it I can get it somewhat out of my mind.

I just couldn't bring myself to post a cutesy blog with red hearts and teddy bears. Cutesy things like that are just not me. To me there's such meaning in this song about a woman singing her heart out in angst about a lost love.

Message To Michael

Dionne Warwick, March 1966

Spread your wings for New Orleans
Kentucky bluebird fly away
And take a
Message to Michael, message to Michael
He sings each night in some cafe
In search to find wealth and fame
I hear Michael has gone and changed his name

Its a year since he was here
Kentucky bluebird , fly away
And take a
Message to Michael, message to Michael
Tell I miss him more each day
As his train pulled out down the track
Michael promised he'd soon be coming back

Oh tell how my heart just breaks into
Since he'd journeyed far
And even though his dreams of fame fell through
To me he will always be a star

Spread your wings for New Orleans
Kentucky bluebird fly away
And take a
Message to Michael , message to Michael
Ask him to start for home today
When you see him please let him know
Rich or poor I will always love him so


I didn't go into all the "politics" concerning this song but at one time, Burt Bacharach and Hal David were opposed to Dionne Warwick singing what they maintained (in its English version) was a man's song.

Hal David, in his 1968 book, emphatically admitted his misgivings over Warwick's recording "Message to Michael" proved ill-founded, indeed stating "Dionne's vocal was so brilliant that it was obvious we had subconsciously written the song for her even while we thought we were writing it for a man."

On this day of celebrating love, I hope anyone reading this is feeling loved and appreciated!



Clint said...

I got you, babe---so yes, I am feeling loved and appreciated. I wuv u!

Shady Del Knight said...

Dionne Warwick is no doubt still in mourning over the death of her cousin Whitney Houston. Dionne was indeed the go-to vocalist for the team of Bacharach-David. She was one of the few singers capable of negotiating some of their challenging compositions. I have Dionne's "Message to Michael" and listen to it often. For decades I was unaware that it was originally meant to be sung by a man and was entitled "Message to Martha," recorded in 1962 and released in December 1963 by Jerry Butler. Dear Cindy, I hope that you and Clint are enjoying a happy and peaceful Valentine's Day. God bless!

Nova said...

Never heard this song before, so thanks for sharin. A beautiful song.

Hope you had a beautiful day too and so today

Greetings and hugs

take care

Emma said...

Hi Cindy, I hope you and Clint had a wonderful Valentine's day. I tried posting comments to you recently but the comments had been disabled, it's good to see that I can now post them again! I've just caught up on your past few posts and I have to say I always appreciate your honesty and openness with your readers. I hope you're doing well Cindy!

Emma x

Cindy Ellison said...

Hello dear visitors who have shared their expertise, thoughts and good wishes! I sure hope you all don't get tired of hearing "Thank You" from me! (I've not forgotten you, Clint, I can thank you in person!)

teddy bears said...

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