Thursday, February 16, 2012


This beautiful flowering tree was in the Atlanta area Saturday.  The wind was
so fierce I had to hold them limb steady with one hand and snap the picture w
with the other hand.  Odd to see blooms when the temperature
during the weekend had been as low as 18 degrees.


We travel this road often near our house, I took this
photo today ... Clint was driving, of course.  There is no shoulder
and I can only imagine all the downed trees in an ice storm.  This road scares me.

So far "they're" not "callin' for" any ice storms.  For some reason
we laugh at the expression "callin' for" in weather forecasting.

Last week we actually heard "they" were "callin' for" ice pellets
in northern Alabama.  Yes, we laughed at this, too.

Pellets? :~D

This photo could win for Most Boring Photo in Blogger History but this
scene hopefully marks a milestone for me.  After much research, I now
have my gessoed canvas panel ready for my oil painting.

Today Clint did a blog post on numerous famous people who have died from drug related deaths.  He was talking about these talented people throwing away their lives and not using their God given talents.  The words "God given talents" jumped out at me, I am have been guilty of not using my talent for some time now. Not getting younger, either. That is why I am excited about starting my new oil painting of the Smoky Mountains. Hopefully the next project will be a mural in our dining room. We have a perfect wall awaiting a beautiful scene.

Last week I mentioned I had received an exciting email concerning a blog topic. Well, I received another anticipated email on Tuesday.  I now have most of the blog draft done, this upcoming blog is a collaboration in some ways and hope to post it as soon as I can.

Thank you for listening ...


Clint said...

Can't wait for your oil painting of a Smoky Mountain scene and I can't wait for your dining room mural.

You are going to have to STOP taking pix when you are driving on winding, shoulderless Tennessee roads!!!*

* Jus' kiddin'...... :)

Shady Del Knight said...

You have me curious about this mysterious blog topic, Cindy. I can't wait to find out what it is. I am glad you gave yourself the nudge to start painting again and I hope you will show us any and all of your future work. Have a wonderful evening, dear friend!

Nova said...

What a it from a almond tree??

Hopefully you will show us your new painting.

Have a beautiful day, hugs and greetings♥

Emma said...

Cindy those flowers are beautiful, I'm not surprised you were compelled to photograph them! I am also guilty of not using my talent for artistic things, my mother was always telling my how gifted I was at art in school but bad experiences with my art teacher made me dislike it and I haven't properly gotten back into it since.

It is a dream of mine to get kitted out with canvases and paints and and pencils and make a real go at drawing and painting some of the photographs I take.

I am very very happy to see you using you God given talent Cindy and I am very excited to see the results whenever they appear!

I am also excited to read your collaboration post!

Have a great weekend!

Emma xx

Cindy Ellison said...

Of course I am going to show you all what I paint and will probably even bore you with "progress reports" of the paintings. Thank you all for your time spent on here.