Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wordy and Whimsical Wednesday

A few days ago I had mentioned that I would be back and tell about how I had saved someones life.  Monday Clint and I went to pick up his repaired computer, a distance of about 30 miles.  While we
were in this town, I visited my mom for a few minutes.  Mom was very happy to see me and we visited for
a few minutes while she had her lunch delivered to her room.  The curtain was drawn between mom and her roommate.  As I was about to pass the curtain to leave, I was hearing a strange sound coming from the woman and noticed the woman next to mom had her head hanging over and appeared to be choking. I ran out to the hall for help and then had to call for more help from the nurses station.  As far as I know, the woman survived and I don't think my
mother ever really understood what was going on next to her.

Oh, I had mentioned in one of the previous blogs about feeling very sorry for a patient there at the facility where my mom lives.  This man was wearing very ratty and dingy looking pants and I had wondered if he didn't have any better or perhaps he was "attached" to this pants for some sentimental reason. I am happy to
report I saw him Monday and he was very well dressed in some black pants and matching shirt. I gave him a big hello and smiled at him.  He did the same.


Grand Ole Opry announcer Eddie Stubbs with "Too Slim" of The Riders in the Sky.
Friday, January 13, 2012.  I made this photo when we
visited the Opry.

On the morning we were driving home from Nashville to Knoxville, we were headed south on the interstate and passed an older Cadillac. I glanced over at the driver and thought he resembled Eddie Stubbs. I mentioned that the driver looked like Eddie Stubbs and Clint replied, "Yes, dear". After we passed
the Cadillac I turned around in the seat to look again and was even more convinced it was Eddie Stubbs.  Another "yes, dear" from Clint.
A few days later Clint was Googling a bio of Eddie Stubbs. Sure enough, Eddie drives a 1996 Black Cadillac Fleetwood.  ☺

                It was Eddie Stubbs!


Portrait of Alex, my last grandson portrait that I've drawn.  Alex
is Clint's grandson and is a senior in high school.

Clint's daughter Debbie called me last night
and it made me happy to know she was surprised
and  pleased with her gift!  I completed
this last week and mailed it to Debbie
who lives out of state.

Reference photo used for Alex's portrait.


I've been busy working on some blog drafts and will  be back on before long.  I want to leave you with the "insanity" part of this post.  Years ago I had bought this little chicken you are about to see.  Today Clint did a blog on it and I helped him with the setting and photos.  We have this little game where we hide the little chick in unexpected places. She had been put away during Christmas and the other day I found her and brought her out for more fun and games.  Yes, I know ... one has to be a little careful about using humor but I can't help it ... I am sick enough to laugh at what we did with the little chick.  I "borrowed" (STOLE) three photos of the chick from Clint's blog post today. The following captions are totally in Clint's words: 

They had to take it breech


I caught her using my computer on the website


Thank you all for your time on my blog.  ☺

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