Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Different Kind of Sunday

Some trees today in the shopping center.

So many things I could write about ... I've been very busy these days.  Clint and I both are trying to become more disciplined and have positive routines in our days.  For days I have been working on my portrait business, designing and making business cards.  My local bank has a table for the members' business cards.  I marched in there a couple of days ago to ask for permission to add my newly printed business cards to this table.  I left the bank being scheduled as the Business of the Month for June.  Yeah for me!  I will have a display in the foyer of the bank, displaying my art for an entire month.  I feel this will be great exposure.

Clint and I have returned to the gym and walking two miles everyday.  It is amazing how much this makes a difference in our lives.

Today my daughter Lucinda and I met at the gym and worked out together.  We had such fun, laughing like teenagers.  Afterwards, we walked over to a little Mexican restaurant and had lunch.  We need to get together more often! 

Lucinda and I sat there and discussed the differences in chile rellenos.  All chile rellenos
are not created equally!  :-)  Give us deep fried ones!

Clint left for the gym early one day this week.  He had not been gone long when I received a call from the gym owner, John.  He had asked Clint why he had not brought his "bride" to work out and had picked up the phone to invite me back to the gym.  John even offered, "What if I come and pick you up?" 

(A very LOUD and LONG drum roll inserted here ...)

This is John.

Can you imagine the neighbors seeing John pull up at our house in
his fancy sports car, ever the gentleman coming to the door
and whisking me away!


Clint said...

I'm glad I read your posts---otherwise I would never know that you and John have a "thang" goin'. Well, did he "whisk you away" or not? Inquiring minds---and your husband---wanna know.

Carol Blackburn said...

I dare say, Cindy, you would have been the talk of the town. Looks like he picks things up alot!

Emma said...

Lovely post Cindy! I loved that little bit about John at the end! :D
I hope you had a nice relaxing weekend!

Emma x

Shelly said...

What a ride! Good for you for making the positive strides. I've seen your artwork and am amazed at your talent. I know your art will have a large audience there once they see it.

Nova said...

Congrats for the display in the foyer and displaying your art for an entire month. Maybe you will show us some photos when you get started.

...and about John, huuuh...what a man and riding an sports car. This is a eye catcher *hihi*

Have a good start into the new week and many greetings to you and Clint.

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Hello,dear Cindy!

Woow........such a very,very,very busy and inspirational postdo you made:-)*
I must to smile,really good post!
And I'am so glad for you,you are creative busy!!!

Thank you for giving to me smile monday morning:-)*