Thursday, March 29, 2012

Double Dose of Good Luck

This morning while standing at the kitchen sink washing dishes,
I noticed some wisteria in the hedges behind our house.  I always
thought wisteria was such a beautiful flowering vine.

This morning while I was doing my two miles on our lane, I noticed a trail of bread crumbs stretching for about
forty feet.  These were special bread crumbs for a reason that made me smile.  They were
peanut butter and jelly bread crumbs. Crusts might be a better description because someone
had torn off the crusts showing the peanut butter and jelly.
This brought back sweet memories, I probably ate breakfast on my way to the bus stop, too, when I was a youngster.

No wonder there was less activity at our bird feeders this morning. :~)

The four leaf clover I just happened to notice in our neighbor's yard this morning.  An
imperfect four leaf clover since the mower blades had clipped off two of the leaves.

I had noticed this four leaf clover just after I had been thinking, once again, of how my family is shrinking.  About a month ago I had called an uncle to invite him and his brother (my other uncle) to come over for some guitar pickin' and singin'.  My uncles are such accomplished and talented musicians. Clint had never heard them sing or play and was excited about singing and playing with them.  I have not heard another word from my uncle. There is a dymanic going on in one of their
families that has absolutely nothing to do with us. It is common knowledge in the family and I understand what is happening. Still, it's rather sad this is allowed to happen.

Anyway, I left later for my workout at the fitness center.  I stopped at Walgreen's  for a minute and right in my path was a shiny penny.  I picked it up and all the day hoped for good luck!

At this point, having found a four leaf clover and a penny, naturally my next stop was at Kroger's
on my way home for  ...

Lottery Tickets for Friday's $500 Million Jackpot!





Clint said...

After finding a four-leaf clover AND a penny, you HAD to get a few lottery tickets!

Shelly said...

Sounds to me like you already found some great treasures today! I loved the pbj crusts- too cute!

Carol Blackburn said...

Oh, I do wish you the best of luck Cindy......I do, I do. It wouldn't go to a nicer person.

Nova said...

What a lucky girl ;-)....but you forgot one lucky charm...turn around and have a look:

Your husband :-)))

Best of luck for the lottery, and when you win I hope we will see and meet each other on my island ♥

Greetings and hugs

Thisisme. said...

Well, someone has to win that lottery, and you certainly had all the lucky signs along your way! I absolutely love wisteria. It is stunning when in bloom.

Anonymous said...

okay so you are good to go ...Clint will get to tag along....doesn't signing your blog page today merit a dollar or two....LOL have had an amazing adventures in your discoveries the Wisteria Bush...I have one in my yard but oh at the Bumble Bees that love it also....