Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Stroll Through the Flea Market

The trees are a bloomin' in Knoxville.

The only thing I found that greatly
interested  me yesterday was a turn of the century scrapbook
of family  photographs.

An over abundance of costume jewelry.


Vintage toys make me smile, I adore old toys.


I liked the cover of this 1947 scifi magazine.
Probably would have liked the stories, too.

Where's the kitchen sink?

I liked Sandy's cute display of handkerchiefs.

Oh how I always loved Lassie and Timmy!

Passing right by this was easy :-) , I'd just eaten lunch.

What's all that stuff in the bottom???

Oh babe ... bat those peacock adorned eyes of yours!

Y'all didn't think I'd forget the sock booth did you?

Got to have those socks at a flea market!  This is
where Larry the Cable Guy bought his sister's socks
for her birthday.  As he said, he "wanted to get her something nice."


Clint said...

Glad you had fun at the market---and so happy you didn't bring home any fleas!

Shelly said...

I would have had so much fun with you at the flea market! I love to go through stuff like that. The scrapbook must be such a treasure- those are always fascinating to look through and imagine what those folks were like.

Good for you for passing the fudge booth by- even the socks were better than that! Ha!

Thisisme. said...

Like Shelly, I would have loved to have a mooch around the flea market with you. It looks so interesting. Lovely to see the trees in bloom now, isn't it? That cover on the 1947 sci fi magazine is really special - an excellent year too, the year of my birth! LOL! I used to love watching Lassie. Thanks for the virtual trip!

Carol Blackburn said...

Looks like you did lots of browsing....lot

Carol Blackburn said...

I was going to say......lots of neat pics. I have to learn to pick up my thumbs on this laptop....I keep hitting the mouse pad accidentally...opps!

Nova said...

Thank´s for strolling with you. Over here there will be some of them too, but none is really interesting.

I love to stroll when there are really old the photo you showed.

Have a beautiful start into the new week and a lot of greetings♥