Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easters Past

My brother, sister and I on Easter morning 1965

This morning I was thinking while walking of old Easter memories.  Every year we would all gather at my grandparents' house on Bland Road.   Hiding Easter eggs was so much fun with all our cousins present.  My grandmother said she would find hidden rotten eggs all over the place for weeks, months, etc.  :-)

Some other Easter memories:

The sunrise service at Sinking Spring Methodist Church.

Blisters on my feet from my new Poll Parrott patent leather shoes.

The smell of vinegar while dying our eggs.

The smell of the poor ole live colored Easter chickens.  Usually
they had died by the time we got back home from our grandparents'
house on Easter night.

Jelly beans and Peeps

7 Up Salad

Deviled eggs and kidding my cousin Jill who was known for loving
deviled eggs.

I hid (rolled) the prize egg one year near a sleeping Pluto,  our grandparents' dog.  Most of us feared this
old dog and it took a while for the prize egg to be claimed.  Probably one of my older male cousins was brave enough to get the egg.

My Aunt Jane's pecan pie.

The blooming of all our dogwood trees.

Easter 1964




My brother "Jimbo", 1965

My sister Patti, 1965

A saluting Cindy ... actually I was shielding the bright
sun from my eyes.


Easter 1964

Lucinda around the age of two or three.  (Sorry Lucinda, I
could not find any better quality photos of you)  I may have
already given them to you. Around 1976.

Last week at the the  Sinking Springs Methodist
 Church cemetery.  This is the exact site of the sun
rise service I attended so many years ago.

Also, this is the final earthly resting place of many of
my relatives ... including Clint and me.

Bland Road is on the left, named after my Great-grandfather Bland
who owned the land at one time.

One of my favorite vintage prints, I have several different sizes. 


Clint said...

Great photos and memories. Makes me kinda' sad for some reason. Great post!

Jonnie Faye said...

Beautiful Cindy, memories are wonderful.

Thisisme. said...

Wonderful Easter memories today, and some very special photos to go with your post. Lovely memories you have there. I think I know why it made Clint sad - it's the passing of time I suspect.
He is Risen, He is Risen Indeed. Alleluia! Happy Easter to you.

Cindy Ellison said...

Clint, thank you. I know it is kinda sad in some ways.

Jonnie Faye, thank you so much. I was thinking of you as I was going through these old pictures. I have some old photos from our MYF days. What fun we had, there aren't many hay rides anymore, are there? (sneeze, sniffle, wheeze, itch :-)

Note for Rhonda: Thank you so much for your comment this am on my previous blog. I need to email you and think Clint has your address, my comments on your blog are still coming back to me.

Other dear readers: Sorry I have been behind on commenting.

Shelly said...

What a lovely, nostalgic post. Happy, blessed Easter to you and Clint!

Nova said...

Great pics and no wonder that you are getting memories thinking about eastern.

Hope you have a beautiful easter time and sending you hugs and greetings♥

Emma said...

Happy Easter Cindy, I hope you had a lovely weekend. How nice that you have these photo memories of years past. Lovely to see you as a girl with your family!

Emma x

Big Daddy Snookems said...

Would love to find a copy or original vintage of the pic of Jesus overlooking bethleham, they are very hard to find, my dear Grandmother had one over her bed for as long as I can remember, any ideas on wear I can acquire one. Thanks Big Daddy.